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                                                GLOBAL YOGESHWAR PARIVAR  DEVOTEE EXPERIENCES

Even if one commits the most abominable actions, if he is engaged in devotional service, he is to be considered saintly because he is properly situated.

He quickly becomes righteous and attains lasting peace. O son of Kunti, declare it boldly that My devotee never perishes

(Bhagwad Gita Chapter 9,verse 30 & 31)


1) Shri Ramesh Narkar ,Mumbai,INDIA.
During the Year 2001, P.P. Tai travelled all over India including many l bordering areas ,naval & military bases to pray for the safety ,well being & peace of mankind.
We and approximately 33 other devotees from Pune got a opportunity to accompany P.P. Tai in visiting Dwarka(Once upon a time the ancient capital of Lord Krishna himself ,in the western state of Gujarat,now the site of the famouse dwarkadish temple) from Pune via Baroda. P.P. Tai had installed Lord Krishna's Idol at the house of one of the devotees in Baroda & opened a new Shree Krishna Leela Centre at another place. Next day we began our bus journey from Baroda towards Dwarka. To bide time while travelling ,we were playing "Antakshari" (a popular group singing game in india based on last letter uttered at the end of a song)in 2 groups while Tai was deeply engrossed in meditation. However at around 11.30 a.m. our bus suddenly ground to a halt because its Pata(vehicle shock absorber) had broken. Unfortunately ,the location where this happened was a remote & sandy place in Saurashtra. Our Bus driver somehow managed to hitch on a ride with a passing by motor cyclist to get the replacement Pata.
It was so sunny & we desperately needed shelter from the sweltering sun since the repair work would take around at least 2-3 hours. However just 150 feet away ,fortunately for us ,a local lady took us to a house nearby ,and to our absolute surprise it was filled with greenery !! , surrounded by big trees, a coconut plantation , cows and a big well, we felt as if we were in a pleasant location like Konkan or Goa. The place was belong to the family named Yadav. Their small daughter served us  a coconut & harvested fresh ground nuts to start with DE. We had what I would say a "Vanbhojan"(traditional forest lunch ) at this place which was arranged by our tour guide along with Yadav family. In the meantime we were engrossed in listening to P.P. Tai's talk about the divine experiences with Lord Krishna. The little girl from Yadav family was so cute, she reminded us of a "gopi" of Lord Krishna's time , she showed us old photographs of Lord Krishna & Radha Krishna from her house which were quite amazing. All of us go the feeling that Lord Krishna himself had created the site like Vrindavana / Konkan to give us shelter to all of us from scorching afternoon heat of Saurashtra ,othewise what was the likelihood of finding such a oasis in the middle of nowhere ?. By the time we finished our lunch & had a stroll in the garden, the bus was repaired & we continued our journey to Dwarka.

If one offers Me with love and devotion a leaf, a flower, fruit or water, I will accept it.
(Bhagwad Gita Chapter 9,verse 26)

 2) Mrs. Neeta D. Vartak ,Mumbai,INDIA
I noticed that my eye sight vision was deteriorating & on 17th August I could not see properly although their was some sensation on the eye. After discussing with my husband I visited a eye specialist. According to the doctor it ithe pain was not due to any standard eye problem like increase of focal sight number but due to swelling of the retina, the main vein appeared to be  blocked. He advised to go for engiography of the eye & the test revealed that retina was indeed affected. He has given me eye drops, antibiotic tablets & reccomended to take injection costing Rs. 70,000/- & if required further, to go on for the eye surgery. The tablets were so strong that I started vommiting  & also felt severe pain in the stomach. Subsequently one of the Lord Krishna devotee Mrs. Alka Pai has told me the advice by P.P. Tai for solving health problem " to chant daily a partular sloka  of 11th chapter of Bhagavad Gita  for 108 times. She gave the reference of the past when P.P. Tai suggested to one of the devotee for such chanting 108 times daily for the problem of blood clots in the brain & it got over after chanting. I started chanting for 108 times daily & now it takes only 11 minutes. To my surprise my vision was restored and the  swelling of the retina subsided . I visited the doctor for check up & on examining my eyes ,the doctor was stunned and remarked that it is nothing short of a miracle. With just eye drops & chanting of 36th stanza of 11th chaper of Gita as reccommended by P.P. Tai, my health issue was overcome.This is the power of Lord Krishna's grace. "Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudewaya".



For one who sees Me everywhere and sees everything in Me,

I am never lost, nor is he ever lost to Me.

(Bhagwad Gita Chapter 6,verse 30)


3) Colonel Dharam Pal Sharma,New Delhi,INDIA
On 19 Oct 2009. my son Amandeep was to undergo a Hernia operation . During this trying time we were praying to Taiji for her blessings . To our surprise at that moment we got a unexpected phone call from Abhi Kanitkar from the US. After telling him about the scheduled operation ,he conveyed to us a Sloka from the Gita which was recommended by Tai to some people. I started chanting that sloka all the time remembering Taiji in the form of Lord Krishna. All the time I always felt her strong presence with us as if she was physically standing next to us taking care of her beloved ones.
My son underwent the operation in the early hours of Oct 20,2009 . As we were praying to lord krishna during the whole duration ,the Doctor came out of the operation theatre and conveyed to us the good news we were eagerly waiting for i.e the operation was a success.we all were so relived by hearing this outcome ,it really felt like a long day.I wholeheartedly thanked Taiji for her help and blessings and asked her to to bless with her presence all the time.


But those who worship Me with devotion, meditating on My transcendental form-
-to them I carry what they lack and preserve what they have.

(Bhagwad Gita Chapter 9,verse 22)
4) Mrs.N.M (USA)

Shri Shantadurga Vijayte
Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya
Om Mahan Shakti Devataya Namah
Shri Krishna Leelavali book was the starting point for my sister who read about P.P. Tai and some of the experiences of the devotees in this book during a visit to India. When she returned to US, she told me about this and we tried to find out as much information as we could about Lord Krishna and P.P Tai. We came across the krishnaleela.org website which had loads of information and answered a lot of our questions. I was very happy to find out that there was a Krishna Kendra very close from my residence and was pleased to meet Abhi and Sonia Kanitkar who held the Kendra in their home. Within a few months, I had started to feel a strong pull towards Lord Krishna and any doubts in my mind would be cleared instantly. I would look forward to going to the Kendra every week.
I had requested Abhi during my early visits if I could borrow a copy of the book “ShriKrishna Leelavali”. But he had lent his copy to some other devotee attending the Kendra.  After a couple of months, Abhi told me that he had received another copy of the book and gladly gave it to me. I was very happy to get this book and began reading immediately.
While reading, I found P.P Tai’s photo inside the book. She was sitting on a chair and was smiling. I was completely drawn to this picture. I emailed Abhi and asked him if he had another such picture that he could give me to keep in my home. He told me that neither did the picture belong to him nor did he see any picture of P.P Tai in the book when he gave it to me.  We both were surprised and elated to find out that P.P. Tai’s photo had miraculously appeared in this book. I welcomed Tai in my home and immediately placed her picture on the altar.
After a few months, my parents made a brief visit to US. Before leaving for India, my mother gave me the Krishna Kutir idol photo of Lord Krishna which was lying in her purse and it had slipped her mind that she had it. I was amazed to see this picture because I had not told my mother to bring it. I had always prayed to Lord Krishna that I wanted him to come to our home and bless us.  Lord Krishna knows what is in our hearts and blesses us.


One can understand the Supreme Personality as He is only by devotional service. 

And when one is in full consciousness of the Supreme Lord by such devotion, he can enter into the kingdom of God.

(Bhagwad Gita chapter 18,verse 55)

5)Mrs.Rashmi R. Narkar, Mumbai, India

Around  25 Lord Krishna devotees from our Dadar Shri Krishna Leela Centre visited Shirdi in the 1st week of November 2009 to take the blessings of Sri Saibaba. To our surprise, all of us were allowed a special entry in to the Temple without standing on the queue on 3rd November. Most of the devotees in our group were senior citizens & had very comfortable Darshan of Sri Saibaba. After the Darshan we sat in the Hall opposite the Idol, where bhajans were sung by authorized party devotees. One of our lady devotee got the opportunity to sing couple of bhajans with them. On next day morning we 7 devotees again got the opportunity to take the blessings of Sri Saibaba by special entry.I  then fondly remembered the day when both of us visited Shirdi along with P.P.Tai for the 2nd time and had a similar special Darshan of Sri Saibaba, like V.I.P. During the visit Lord Krishna told us through Tai to purchase any offering item  in the Shirdi market .We opted for a laminated small frame of Sri Saibaba and kept it in our Altar. After few months while cleaning the Idols & Frames in the Altar, I  noticed appearance of "Om" on the foot of Sri Saibaba’s frame. My husband immediately captured the photograph of the frame & taken the copy.(shown below) . I showed the frame to P.P.Tai during her next visit to us, who then told  us that appearance of Om on Prasad, Kumkum or and offering is the sign  of acceptance of that offering by God i.e  just to show his presence in the vicinity.



The Supreme Lord is situated in everyone's heart, O Arjuna, and is directing the wanderings of all living entities,
who are seated as on a machine, made of the material energy

(Bhagwad Gita Chapter 18,verse 61)

6)Shri Ramesh.Narkar,Mumbai ,India

    We joined  P. P. Tai during her visit to the USA in September 2002 to attend the installation ceremony of 1st Vishwajanani Navdurga Idol at Los Angeles.Before that we air freighted the black stone Navdurga Idol . The devotees at L.A. wanted to take delivery and transport the Idol directly to the temple as decided. However they could not get the consent of the temple authorities in time and had to wait.. The Idol thus remained in the cargo section of the Airlines at the Airport for about 15 days.
Their were further delay as discussions went on  between P.P.Tai and  L.A. devotees on how to proceed.. Due to this I was very stressed out.P.P Tai advised me many times not to carry tension which may invite heart problem.
 However she was very confident that the installation of the Goddess will take place as scheduled on 7th October 2002. She told one of the devotees to take the delivery of the  Idol and  keep it in his house confidently. With the grace of Lord Krishna the installation ceremony took place in other Temple “Ma Durga Temple” at Monrivia in L.A. on same date as scheduled. Being Navratri days we visited the Temple all nine days along with Tai to seek the blessings of Vishwajanani before leaving L.A. to New York.After reaching Mumbai P.P. Tai organized celebration in view of installation for almost 7 days at Krishna Kutir, Badlapur during which thousands of devotees took blessings. Our next immediate visits after U.S.A. with Tai were Australia-New Zealand & Andaman-Madras during the year for which we had already been booked. On the 1st day of celebration, Tai was in meditation & called both of us telling Lord Krishna  had advised  both of us not to join the tour to Australia-New Zealand.
We always follow Krishna & cancelled our bookings without asking for reasons. However we traveled with Tai on her next visit to Andaman-Madras. After traveling for over 2 months at different places in U.S.A. & 8days in Andaman I was getting cold & cough occasionally. In January 2003 I took the treatment for the same as advised by the doctor. However I felt like doing  E.C.G checkup which was not normal & doctor advised hospitalization. On advice of P.P. Tai,
I got admitted in the Hospital for thorough check up. After 5 days I underwent  Echo Cardiogram which was abnormal & doctor advised for Angiography. The same day night Vishwajanani spoke through Tai to my wife Rashmi not to worry & she will do anything for me. Doctor recommended for Bypass Surgery instead of  Angioplasty to fix  the blockages. It was decided to operate at 2 p.m. on 18th January 2003 but I was taken at 1 p.m. & my closed relatives including my mother & devotee friends could not reach the hospital before that. Lord Krishna helped to avoid me getting emotional before surgery. At the entrance of the operation theatre Tai gave me one white flower & told not to worry as Lord Krishna is with me & advised to observe & experience. On the next day when I reached  consciousness, I opened my eyes & could see a Lion which was getting bigger & bigger & covered my entire vision. I became afraid & started looking on other side & I could see a Cow which was
 also getting bigger & bigger & to the entire vision. This sequence repeated for 4-5 times and I got scared. Then I did not open my eyes. When Tai visited me, I explained about this incident. She told me not to worry, as Vishwajanani have kept her Lion & Lord Krishna kept his favorite Cow to protect me from evil/negative energies during the surgery, as she said before entering the operation theatre. According to her I got blessings & Darshan.
It is very kind and humbling that P. P. Tai  herself stayed with me in the hospital for 23 days and then  left for  Badlapur after dropping  me home on 3rd February 2003. She left Mumbai to reach New Delhi on 6th February to install 2nd Vishwajanani Idol in Radha Krishna Temple at Military Camp on 8th February and then all of a sudden to our shock  she left us for heavenly journey on 10th February 2003 in New Delhi. All devotees allover the world were shattered and saddened. Even after her Mahanirwan, devotees attending the Shree Krishna Leela Centres are getting favorable experiences & getting their problems sorted out, as if her presence is everywhere. She had shown her existence among us by traveling from Delhi to Bangalore on 4th June 2003 & left Bangalore on 31st May 2005 after her Mahanirwan. Recently she appeared at Taponagara twice by Astral Travel on 20th June 2009 & blessed us and gave us a message through a Maharshi as “Meditate & Change” for today to seek protection from Pralaya. This is how P.P. Tai is taking care of Devotees & saved me from a heart attack.



Wherever there is Krsna, the master of all mystics, and wherever there is Arjuna, the supreme archer,
there will also certainly be opulence, victory, extraordinary power, and morality. That is my opinion.

(Bhagwad Gita ,chapter 18,verse78)
7)Anonymous (INDIA).

10th February 2003 will be never forgotten by any of us as this was the day our Dear PP Tai left us.I was in the office that fateful morning when I got the news ,I was shocked and overcome with grief. I started crying and immediately wanted to go home.But then I remembered how Krishna always emphasizes the importance of duty over and above anything else.So I stayed back and finished my work,But I cried every time I was alone and even for a second.On my way back home,I listened to krishnas tape in the car as slways but after hearing PP Tai's voice broke me down completely .
I talked with several other devotees of Krishna that evening .Everyone was in  a statte of shock and moruning .Surprisligly that night despite the enormous stress of that day ,I felt extremely sleep quite early and at a point could not even open my eyes ,I must have fallen asleep sometime around 10 pm ,I was in deep slumber when somewhere between 12:20 and 1:30 I suddenly woke up with a jolt.I opened my eyes and could not beleive what I was seeing.Their were rays of bright silver light in my bedroom which appeared to be coming from the bathroom door/window.I know for a fact that their is no source of light outside that window which could account fior what I saw .It was also no moonlight ,cause it did not diffies ,rather much focusses more resembling a light beam coiming out of a projector.The soure of light appeared to be in the bathroom was so was so illuminated that nothing else  but bright light would have cause it.All I could see was sparkling silver beams.I was excited and overhwheled by also scared,I close my eyes and stared praying to Krishna chanting "Om Namo bhagate vasudeyaa" (ONBV)"I know this you and " is you and Tai and you have come here to confirm me ,But I cant take this light,I am scared please take it away having said this ,I started chanting the mantra  over and over again with my eyes tightly closed ,it was the strangest state ofbeing i have ever experienced ,my body was fully paralyzed as if I was still in deep sleep yet my mind was completely alert and awake It was the strangest thing ever happened .As soon as I started praying ,another strange experience I underwent ,currents of electricity flow through the top of my heard to my toes through my body.when I was chanting ONBV ,this experience lasted for around 30 seconds to a minute.when I opened my eyes after ,I saw the room was fine without any light.room looked normal dark with minimal  illumination,needless to say I could not sleep the rest of the night due to this amazing experience.I am convinced that it was indeed Lord Krishna who blessed me and gave me glimpse of this divine presence in its purest,most luminous form with all its glory.I think he wants me and others with whom I share this experience to know that even though tai is no longer with us he the  parbrahma is ageless,faceless,formless and forever I can honestly say that with his blessings,I have actually seen the light at the end of the tunnel and its wonderful make my journey with all its hardships worthwhile.May Lord Krishna continue to bless all of us!!.



Abandon all varieties of religion and just surrender unto Me.
I shall deliver you from all sinful reaction. Do not fear.

(Bhagwad Gita chapter 18,verse 66)

8)Smt Lata Deshpande ,Maryland ,USA

I have been reading books by Mr Edgar Cayce , a renouned American Clairvoyant, about his unusualparanormal experiences and vision and also  read many books written on him by serveral other authors.
I was not only intrigued by his experiences but also could relate very well to them cause of my own similar experiences earlier.For this reason , I approached "Glad helpers" Organizaton for help when PP Leelatai Karve requested my assistance to spread  the news of her prediction regarding the possibility of a impending disaster relating to escalation of violent activities n the year 2005 which could have  lead to mass casualty of  innocent human lives.I personally had not met PP LeelaTai until august 1998 .Prior to that my health took a massive downturn , I had 2 heart attacks and several angina attacks every 2 to 3 months .In Aug 1997 I receved some dried flowers from a Krishna temple from PP leelatai who lived in a small town of Badlapurnear Mumbai in India.According to her ,she received my contact details /address in the US from Lord Krishna himself during a meditation .She had never known me nor met me  nor did she have my address ,she sent the flower
through an air hostess from canada with a message " you will need the flowers, carry them with you all the time".your health with be all right.I received the flowers from an aquantaicne from agathersbirg in maryland.Within a week of that ,I had an acute angina attack and coronary bipass surgery and I returned home after 2 weeks of stay in a hospital wth a promse from the doctors that I need not further worry about another heart attack for at least 10 years. I was recovering well , 3 days after I came home ,I received a copy of the Holy  Bhagwad geeta from someone who arrived from India ,I did know that person nor dd she know em ,this was again sent to me by PP leelatai on lord krishna's  advice.Few days later I had a moderate heart attack due to a blood clot in the grafted arterly from the bypass surgery,I almost did not make it but somehow by  lords krishna's  grace I did and after  2 weeks of hospital stay came back home.In the beginnng of 1998 , received a pic of lord krishna from leelatai wth a message "dont worry ,everything wll be all right" I am praying for you and the lord is looking after you "This  time I was really worried about a warnng of another health crisis. And sure enough ,I had anotherheart attack and it was discovered  that another artery was blocked and a second cororonay by pass surge was need mmediately  this was just 7 momths after the frst one.Whilee  I was in the  ICU i was adamant and refused to give permission to perform another bypass surgery.My Doctors and my family members were pleading to me to grant permission .At this time I felt a sudden pain shootng from my stomach to my mouth  making it numb.I saw a vision of myself going through a tunnel and then seeing bright light.my blood pressure  had dropped considerrably and pulse could not be detected and they could see flat lines on the display of the heart monitor.they revived me with cardaic resuscitation using electric defebrillator.my cardio said they had lost me for a whole next morning a bypass was conducted.
now its almost 5 years since and I am still alive and kicking .Just 3 weeks ago my cardo sad that I am myself a living miracle.Uptil this tme I had never had a chance to meet leela tai in person ,although she had been kind enough to send me flowers,picture and bhagwad geeta.but finally in Aug 1998 PP Tai visited the US and while in Maryland , I was invited for a prayer meetng At that time in the meeting room their  were around 35-40 odd people .PP Leelatai  who was meditating on the 2nd floor came to the prayer room and stood in front me and said "so you are Lata Deshpande".



One can understand Me as I am, as the Supreme Personality of Godhead, only by devotional service.
And when one is in full consciousness of Me by such devotion, he can enter into the kingdom of God


9)Shri Ramesh Narkar ,mumbai ,India.

My mother is 85 years old and is in  sound health exccept she had a fracture in her left leg   4 years back & got operated twice. Since then she would  complain of leg pain inspite of her medicines. It is because of swelling of the foot where circulation of blood is restricted. In May 2010 she had a dream that P.P. Tai appeared & was asking her that she had not visited to Krishna Kutir, Badlapur for last 2 years. She replied it is because of her    problem of pain in that leg & had no confidence to travel for 2 hours & back. I then promised her to take to Badlapur on Janmastami day. However in the month of June she had very severe urine infection problem and  that night  had very high fever & she lost control over urination. Next day she was admitted to Hospital & given 20 antibiotic injections by drip, 2 per day for 10 days. Her infection was nil then but after another 2 days it started shooting up again. She was then given another set of 20 different injections for 10 days & given discharge from the hospital. After about afetr  a week same problem started & again admitted for 2 weeks & given 20 antibiotic injections. Subsequently she was admitted for the 3rd time for the same problem but this time she had breathing problem with high fever & could not recognize us for some time. Next day she was transferred to ICU section for monitoring. We then left all our  hopes and  everything to Lord Krishna. She also expressed that she will not reach home this time.
Whenever she was admitted in the hospital she would always keep a copy of  Gita and a picture of Lord Krishna for protection. P.P. Tai had advised to one of the devotees long back to chant 4 lines of 36th Addhyaya of 11th Chapter of Gita as “Sthane Rishikesh …….Siddha Sangha” 108 times & after doing so his brain haemorrhage got cured without surgery. I advised her to read those 4 lines as much as possible which she started reading. Secondly during Light Channeling by me & my wife Rashmi, we sent healing light to my mother for healing. The Light Channels world movement was started by Maharshi Krishnananda of Taponagara, Bangalore on 18th May 2008. According to him this light (not light from the Sun) has tremendous spiritual power / energy for Peace, Oneness & Healing. After about 10 days she was given a discharge from hospital & reached home on 14th September 2010. As promised by her to Tai in her dream, I took her to Krishna Kutir, Badlapur, to attend 7th Vardhapan day of Vishwajanani on 7th November 2010 comfortably. Now she is moving in the house with confidence without any support.
I had another experience on the same lines after six months when  my brother-in-law suddenly lost his balance & could not stand or sit without support. We called the doctor who checked his B.P. & Blood Sugar & advised himto be  hospitalized. After speaking to a specialist doctor we got him admitted in Shushrusha Hospital at Dadar. To start with all blood tests were carried out along with E.C.G. & M.R.A. & doctor came to the conclusion that he has a big Brain Tumor due to which he had started loosing the balance. She advised emergency operation. Luckily a surgeon was available for operation at 6 p.m. on the same day & said the operation will take about 2 hours. When we heard about operation my wife had a mild vertigo attack. I went to the hospital alone in time & relieved my sister-in-law & her husband who were attending the doctor and could not take  lunch, to have some snacks & coffee. When operation started, I started doing meditation & sent healing energy by channelling  Light as learnt in Manasa Foundation at Taponagar & also chanted 36th shloka in chapter 11 of Gita continuously as suggested by P.P. Tai. After one & half hours doctor came out saying operation was successful. The patient was kept in I.C.U. & next day transferred to the normal room. Subsequently he was given some exercises  and after 4 days given discharge as he could then walk comfortably in the hospital without any support. Now his all parameters like B.P., blood sugar, cholesterol & heart functioning are quite normal.


O Hrsikesa, the world becomes joyful upon hearing Your name, and thus everyone becomes attached to You.
Although the perfected beings offer You their respectful homage,
 the demons are afraid, and they flee here and there. All this is rightly done.
(Bhagwad Gita Chapter 11,verse 36)
 10) Smt. Vandana Kulkarni, Mumbai,India

I am from a  family from the  Sion-Chunabhatti area  in Mumbai and have  2 daughters & a son. All are married and my son is settled in U.S.A. We went to the Krishna Kutir and had  met Leelatai Karve in the year 1996 and since then we started visiting Badlapur occasionally. We both regularly visited  Shree Krishna Leela Centre near my house during the prayer  day in the week. My husband had retired after working with Reserve Bank of India on a  respectable post. On 24th October 2007 before having lunch he collapsed with a massive heart attack. Subsequently I stayed with my daughter for one year at Thane and  then went to U.S.A. & stayed with my son for six months. Thereafter I preferred to stay at my home at Sion. In March 2011 my son was to visit Mumbai for his office work with his wife after about 2  and  half years.I was indeed  very happy about this . However after receiving them from the Airport, next day, I was not feeling well but I did not tell my son, since he was to visit his office & my daughter-in-law was to visit her mother. Then eventually I lost my balance & could not walk without support .I then called my daughter who got me admitted in nearby hospital. When the doctors attending me could not diagnose my hearlth properly ,on 3rd day I was shifted to Hinduja Hospital and underwent number of tests.
Dr. Ashok then revealed that my problem was due to clots developed in the brain. Everybody in my family got very disturbed & was attending me in the hospital. I used to  vomit 10-12 times in a day. Doctor said unless the  vomitting did not stop I could not undergo any treatment. I lost my weight from 50 to 35 Kgs. & lost memory too. I even  started murmuring  irrelevant things This state continued for about 25 days. Subsequently the vommitting  subsided from 12 times to 3-4 times a day. I was then fed liquid food through the nose. Suddenly one day  Leela Tai appeared  in my dream, I saw that  I was standing on the Railway Station & a train arrived & Tai got down. She met me & enquired about my health. I replied that I am not well. She told me not to worry & came to my house at Sion. She got the sad news about my husband & she consoled me. She said not to worry & took me to Krishna Kutir, Badlapur. We were discussing on matter of Lord Krishna. She said that I had very difficult time & now it is over. She assured me that now onwards I will recover very fast & will come out from this state of affair. Since it was late evening Tai asked me to stay  overnight & leave in the morning. When I got up I was in the hospital. That time I was feeling quite fresh & very happy.
My son was sleeping in the hospital and  when he got up he was glad to see me  to see me happy & fresh. I then told him about my dream in detail. He was very happy to receive blessings from Lord Krishna & was confident that I will come out of the situation. Doctor visited in the morning and were  surprised to see me quite fresh & remarked that she can now recover very fast. After 4 days of medication I got discharge from the hospital. Doctor then advised me to get physiotherapy & to do some exercise at home. After my recovery I started visiting the Centre regularly. This experience I told in the Centre on its Vardhapan day when about 75 devotees attended the event.After I reached home from the Hospital my son left back to U.S.A. along with his wife. He was in contact with me every alternate day. Suddenly I got the news from him that he is going to become a father. I was eagerly waiting to hear this news for long time & Lord Krishna  took care of me to see my grandchild. I  continue visiting the Krishna Leela Centre till my health permits as I get lot of peace.


I envy no one, nor am I partial to anyone. I am equal to all.
But whoever renders service unto Me in devotion is a friend, is in Me, and I am also a friend to him.
(Bhagwad Gita ,chapter 9 verse 29)

11) Shri R.K.Narkar (Mumbai.India)

I purchased my first Fiat car from my office at the written down value in the year 1977.  After 5 years my office gave me new Fiat car provided with the driver as package. Since then I have had  2 cars after buying new one by replacing old one . During the year 2002 I thought of gifting my Maruti 1000 car in the family to buy a new car. As always I  sought permission of Lord Krishna through Leela Tai for purchasing anything or to visit on tours or holidays or to do rather anything important. I had in mind to go in for either Honda City or Accent of Hyundai or Ikon of Ford  and  asked Lord Krishna  to decide about it through Tai. Whenever I asked about the choice to Tai some or other matter arised bypassing this topic and the decision regarding the car. It happened almost 5-6 times & then we visited U.S.A. for installation of Vishwajanani Idol at L.A. Before that I gifted Maruti 1000 car. During our visit of nearly 2 months I tried to seek Lord Krishna’s approval on the matter but same thing repeated & we returned to Mumbai without any decision. It had never happened in the past before, if I wanted to purchase anything she will always have positive answer instantly. After returning from U.S.A. Tai visited Australia-New Zealand, Andaman-Chennai ,same time I underwent bypass surgery and  on 10th February all of a sudden she left us for heavenly abode. We all devotees were in deep sorrow. There is no question of going in for new car at least for one year.
In the month of January 2004, I discussed with my wife that if we have to go in for the new car after 10th February & before 31st March, just to avail financial depreciation, we must book the car now. Rashmi firmly told me to ask Lord Krishna & decide about it. Next day morning during the Puja I prayed very sincerely & seek intuition from Lord Krishna and  thereafter I went to pray near the Lord Krishna’s Centre Photo with message as “Mi kalapramane badalto……..”(I keep changing with time) Immediately I saw one Tulsi leave on the right corner of the photo when I was reading the message. Instantly I saw other Tulsi leave bellow earlier one. Like that I could  clearly see seven Tulsi leaves, 4 on the right side & 3 on the left side of Lord Krishna. I showed the photo frame to Rashmi & ask whether she has seen these leaves earlier. She was surprised and replied no & asked me what Lord Krishna said. I said we will go for Honda City car as per the intuition I got during Puja. Thus we got the blessings from Lord Krishna. I called the Honda city dealer who sent their representative to my house on the same day. I told him that I want to go in for Honda City car between 15th February & 31st March 2004. He agreed for the delivery in time as specified but demanded a deposit of Rs. 50,000/- otherwise he can not guarranty the delivery as per his office procedure.However he has agreed for the third party cheque, as I explained my inability to give my cheque before 10th February 2004. I arranged for the cheque from my business friend & paid him off after 10th February 2004 & I got the delivery of the car before 31st March 2004.
 In the year 2005 I felt like replacing my old Maruti Zen car with newly introduced Getz car of Hyundai and  started looking for selling the car. One of the Lord Krishna devotee wanted to purchase the car as P.P. Tai had  traveled in it. He wanted to take  to take the delivery on one of the Thursday. I got the car serviced & filled the tank with petrol on Tuesday. On wednesday morning Tai appeared  in my dream & said the devotee was buying the car because I frequently traveled in it, but I have not traveled in your Honda city car. I spoke to Rashmi & closed the sale deed. On 26th July 2005 I went to Bhayander to meet my Chartered Accountant to finalize our companies & personal accounts as  Income Tax returns were to be submitted before 31st July 2005. My wife was insisting me that I travel by by Train but I decided instead to travel by Zen car since I had a driver . When we crossed Santacruz airport it started raining and  as we were further proceeding towards Bhayander it started pouring heavily. It took almost 2 hours to reach the office at  Bhayandar. I finalized the account books  with the C.A. and   started taking some snacks. At 2.30 p.m. suddenly we lost power . We opened the windows & found the heavy rain was continuing ,water had  accumulated in the compound. I immediately left the office but with the heavy rain & accumulated water on the roads there was enormous chaos& traffic jam and it took us almost 6.5 hours to reach Andheri where  all vehicles stopped completely. My car stopped just 50 meters away from the other end of the Andheri flyover. I was communicating with Rashmi but at 8.30 p.m. all communications went off. I had just  4 biscuits , half bottle of water & we had to sit in the car overnight. Even though I am diabetic I did not feel hungry with grace of God. At about 6.30 a.m. the water subsided and all the vehicles started moving. When we climbed down the bridge we saw all the cars on the road were placed in zigzag positions submerged due to accumulated water, almost 5 feet in the night. We were lucky that we had stopped on the bridge. as we noticed  further near Santacruz domestic airport area ,many cars could not  move further because of heavy accumulated rain water. There was almost 1000 mm. rain fall recorded on that day. I left the car with driver & walked to my sister-in-law’s house at Vile Parle and  then reached  my house  the next day. Thereby Lord Krishna & P.P. Tai protected me from disaster and  I then realized why Tai appeared in my dream & stopped the sale deed of this Zen car when I reached safely without  any water entering inside the car. Subsequently I learnt that Lord Krishna & Tai had protected many of our fellow devotees on that day.


12)Mrs Lata Jadhav(Kolhapur)

|| Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya||

I, Mrs. Lata Vishwas Jadhav, reside at Rajdeep Apartment, Tarabai Park, Kolhapur. Near my residence, in the building of Datta Davjekar also lives Mrs. Magalatai Kulkarni, whose elder sister, Mrs. Kundatai Funsalkar (resides in Parle, Mumbai), heads a Sri Krishna Leela Kendra no.30 in her Kolhapur residence. In this Kendra, Srikrishna Mantra, Arti, Bhagwad geeta, Bhajans etc. programs are held.

My first experience is about how I started going to this Krishna Kendra coincidentally. During their morning walk, my neighbor, Mrs. Pushpa Ramdas Seth, (a devoted nurse) and her husband met her childhood friend who told Mrs. Seth about going to the Krishna Kendra every Wednesday at 4 p.m. She insisted that Mrs. Seth should also go to the Krishna Kendra. Accordingly, Mrs. Seth started going to this Krishna Kendra and soon she came to invite me to this Kendra as well and started insisting that I go to the Kendra too. But for last two to three months, due to my illness I wasn’t feeling well and wasn’t sure if I will be able to sit in the Kendra for long and concentrate on the arti. I used to do regular puja at home.  I was also not used to going to women gatherings as I was slightly self-conscious.  Because I wasn’t used to talking in big groups and also due to my illness, I started making excuses for not going to the Kendra and finally told her that I would not be able to make it to the Kendra.

So Mrs. Seth would go to the Kendra every Wednesday by herself and would bring back Prasad for me every time. This kept happening for two to three months. (This event is from the year 2001).  One such Wednesday, Mrs. Seth came back from the Kendra bringing me Prasad and also gave me a copy of the book, “SriKrishna Leelamrut” which she had brought with her.  She gave me the book and asked me to read it so I would feel better. Against my wishes, I started reading this book. Due to my illness, I had become weak and could not sit for very long so I would read random pages from the book lying down. In this book, I read about many experiences where Lord Krishna would speak through P.P Leelatai and all these experiences touched my heart very deeply. Thus, I started developing a deep urge to meet Leelatai in-person. Since this point, I started constantly praying to Lord Krishna. I also started getting more and more desperate to see P.P Leelatai since my health had also started to deteriorate and I did not feel that I would survive from this illness. So I told my family members that it was my last wish before I died to see P.P. Leelatai and Lord Krishna.

 So when on the following Wednesday, Mrs. Seth came as usual to inquire about my health and to give me the prasad from the Kendra, I told her my wish about going to Badalapur to see P.P. Leelatai. Hearing this, Mrs. Seth said, “P.P. Leelatai is not always present in Badalapur all the time. She sometimes travels to Delhi while other times she is gone to America. So who and how will someone tell us about Tai’s arrival and departure from Badalapur since Tai stays at a far off place.” I was angry when I heard these words because the only thoughts that engulfed my mind were about meeting P.P Leelatai. I was desperate to meet Tai. I looked at the Krishna’s photo in my home and asked him to arrange only one opportunity for me to meet Tai.

Meanwhile, after two consecutive Wednesdays had passed, on the third Wednesday, Mrs. Seth came to my house as usual from the Krishna Kendra and told me that your wish of meeting Tai will be fulfilled because she is coming to Sangli to establish a new Krishna Kendra. It is on Sunday at 8 a.m. and we have to go there by State Transport Bus (S.T) so you should be ready early on that day and we will go together. I was very happy when I heard this but due to my weak health condition, I got nervous since I may not be able to travel that far. I became very restless and started praying to Krishna continuously.  My eyes were filled with tears, my mind was filled with endless thoughts, I started praying to Krishna from the bottom of my heart and was asking him “Krishna, Will I be able to meet you? Please give me the strength and free me from this worry. I was crying and didn’t realize when I went to sleep that night.

 In the morning, I went to Mrs. Seth’s home to ask her when we leave for Sangli. She replied that Leela Tai’s arrival to Sangli has been cancelled. I was shocked to hear this. Seeing my disappointment, she said that going to Sangli got cancelled because Tai is coming from Sangli to Kolhapur (here) in Nagala park at Mrs. Surekha Kulkarni ‘s home who resides at Chaurangi Apts to establish Krishna Kendra.  She asked me to be ready at 8 a.m. because she wouldn’t wait for me if I was not ready.

My happiness had no boundaries when I heard the news of Leelatai coming to Kolhapur and I rushed home and bowed before the Krishna Idol and said “Krishna! You are coming all the way here for me.” My eyes were filled with tears thinking how much effort the lord takes for his devotees.

Later, I asked Mrs. Seth what I should take with me for Tai/Krishna. She replied sternly that it is mentioned in the Kendra that not to bring anything for Krishna not even a flower. Though she said this sternly, Mrs. Seth is a very loving and helpful person. She said that but at the same time she told me not to take anything but to be ready on time.

I got up early the next day and got ready. I took lots of white flowers, rice and incense sticks etc. in a plastic bag for Krishna. Because it was the month of Shravan, I offer besan ladoos to devi every Shravani Friday as a ritual. So I roasted the besan flour and added sugar and kept it in a steel container on the dining table.  I wasn’t well so I could not roll the flour into ladoos. I wasn’t aware that my husband would eat this flour after coming home.  While leaving for Kolhapur to meet Tai that day I rolled two ladoos

from this flour and took them with me wrapped in paper. One ladoo was for Krishna and the other to eat after I had my medicine since I didn’t know how long it would take at the Kendra. When my husband found out I was taking the besan ladoos for Krishna he told me that he had been eating the flour and I should not offer already tasted food item to the Lord. But still I insisted on taking them. I went to the Krishna idol in my home and said that, “Krishna! Just like Rama accepted Shabari’s already tasted berries, you also please accept my ladoos which I am offering with a lot of love.”

At the same moment, Mrs. Seth came to my house. My entire family and I went with her to the Kendra at Mrs. Kulkarni’s home at Churangi apartments at Nagala Park. Mrs. Kulkarni lived on the second floor. We reached there early because we knew that the place was going to be crowded because many devotees were going to be there for Tai/Krishna’s darshan. Mrs. Kulkarni and her family were eagerly waiting for Tai’s arrival. She asked me and my husband to perform puja in front of the marble Krishna idol. So we offered the white flowers that I brought along to this Krishna idol.  Mrs. Kulkarni told me that Tai does not accept anything so I got scared and placed one ladoo in a small dish in front of the Krishna idol. I kept the other ladoo with myself.

Meanwhile, I wasn’t aware that Tai had arrived at the entrance and other women had gone to perform her padyapuja (worshiping her feet) by offering milk and flowers. As soon as I heard this, I was filled with emotions and followed the other women down the stairs next to Tai. There, I witnessed at P.P Leelatai’s feet was a constant flow of milk and on her head was a shower of rose petals. Tai was slowly climbing up the stairs to come to the second floor. All the devotees were showering her with flowers. At this time, I also showered the white flowers that I had brought with me on Tai and she was looking at me but I had no clue of this at that moment. I was seeing Tai for the first time so I was completely perplexed. I knew that Krishna likes white flowers so I had brought white flowers with me.

Krishna/Tai entered the home and the room was small and filled with devotees. Tai was standing so that everyone present could get darshan. Tai started her sermon (spiritual speech) by telling devotees that they should chant the mantra “Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya.” At that instance, Tai became my Guru (Teacher).

Tai asked the devotees present to talk about their experiences and she started looking at a devotee named Ms.Borade who was sitting next to me. At the same time, she was also looking at me. Ms. Borade has been going to the Krishna Kendra no.30 for many years and she has met P.P Leelatai on numerous occasions so she courageously spoke about her experience in front all the devotees present. I don’t have the courage to speak in front of so many people. All this was a completely new experience for me. Also seeing Tai in-person for the first time was also a novel experience for me. But Tai was still looking at me but I didn’t say anything at that time. But in my mind, I was thinking that if Tai eats my ladoo then it will the same as Krishna eating my ladoo and I will feel extremely satisfied.

At this time, some devotees put shawls on Tai’s shoulder but Tai gave them away to other devotees sitting in the front as Prasad. An older devotee gave Tai a packet of pedas (Indian sweet). Seeing this I thought instead of putting the ladoo in front of the Krishna idol, if I would have given it directly to Tai, she would have eaten it and it would have reached Krishna. I suddenly remembered that I still had the other ladoo wrapped in paper. I immediately placed the ladoo in Tai’s hands and bowed to her.  At this point, Tai and I kept looking at each other.  Seeing the sattvic bhav on Tai’s face I was deeply satisfied and Krishna had fulfilled my wish. I have no words to express the satisfaction I derived from this experience because I got to shower flowers on Tai and also place my ladoo in her hands. Tai placed this ladoo in front of the Krishna idol. After attending the remaining event we came back home. After this, my health started improving speedily and I was completely cured.

The same evening when Mrs. Kulkarni was offering diya (light) to the Krishna idol, she glanced at the two ladoos (one placed by me and the other by Tai) and saw the symbol “Om” had been miraculously engraved on them. She was also surprised to see some wetness on the ladoos (just like someone had licked them) and she immediately called her friend from next door to witness this miracle. She also called to inform this to the Krishna Kendra. But because no one knew me or my contact information, no one could get in touch with me and so we could not witness this miracle.

After two days, as usual Mrs. Seth went to the Krishna Kendra on that Wednesday. The other devotees told her that Om had appeared on the ladoos offered by her friend (me) and Tai to the Krishna idol and these ladoos were wet just like someone had licked them. Mrs. Kulkarni offered her that Prasad. She asked her to bring me to the Kendra next Wednesday. We all want to know what is it that she did that her ladoos had Om on them. After the Kendra, Mrs. Seth came to my home and told the entire incident in detail. I was very happy after hearing all this. I felt very blessed that Krishna and Tai had not only given me darshan but also accepted my ladoos. This is an unforgettable experience for me. Even today when I think about this incident I have goose bumps on my body.

            I went with Mrs. Seth to the Kendra on the following Wednesday. Looking at the Krishna idol at the Kendra, I became very emotional and tears started rolling down my eyes. At that moment, all the other devotees came to me and started asking me about my devotion for Krishna. I only told them I prayed to Krishna from my heart and I met Krishna through Tai and he lovingly accepted my ladoos which I had offered. My family and I were extremely happy and blessed to see this gathering and from that we became ardent devotees of Sri Krishna.  I also started going to the Krishna Kendra regularly.

My Second Experience  

I started going to the Krishna Kendra regularly and after about 8 to 10 months my daughter, Neelam, came to meet us from America. She was coming after her marriage for the first time after two years. At that time some of my neighbors started asking me why your daughter does not have any good news (news of being pregnant). I asked my daughter about this and she told me that they were not in a hurry to have kids right away and were taking precautions against unplanned pregnancy. When I heard this I told my friend Mrs. Seth about this who was also a nurse by profession. She advised me based on her vast experience that it is not good to take such precautions since it could result in complications later.  When I heard this I got scared and my mental health started suffering and after my daughter left for America, I fell sick again. As a result, I couldn’t attend the Krishna Kendra.

The head of the Krishna Kendra, Mrs. Kundatai Funsalkar came to the Kendra from Mumbai and was inquiring about me and started asking the reason as to why I wasn’t coming to the Kendra. She asked Mrs. Seth who was attending the Kendra at that time to bring me to the Kendra. Accordingly, Mrs. Seth and I went to the Kendra and met Kundatai. She said to me, “Mrs. Jadhav why are you not attending the Kendra? You should come to the Kendra regularly.” I told her that I haven’t been feeling well and so I conduct puja, arti and abhishek on Krishna at home. Suddenly, Mrs. Seth said that I was doing fine and want to hear the news of my daughter expecting to have children. Mrs Seth further explained that I have taken some kind of shock and feel that I may never have grandchildren.  After hearing the whole story, Kundatai said, “You pray to Krishna with so much devotion, why will you not have grandchildren? Your wishes will come true. You will have grandchildren and for that you should come to the Krishna Kendra and pray to Lord Krishna in a group through group chanting.” At that moment, a reddish-ochre colored Jaswandi flower placed on the head of the Krishna idol fell to his feet.  Seeing this Kundatai said, “Look, Krishna has blessed you and offered his prasad in the form of this flower. Your wish will come true.” I took the prasad and came home.

Later after two days, my daughter called me and told me that, “Mom, I have good news for you. I am two months pregnant.” Hearing this news I was extremely happy and couldn’t wait for next Wednesday to arise and go to the Krishna Kendra to thank Krishna for this.  Truly Krishna’s Leela (love) is infinite and boundless.  At this moment I made a decision that if I had a grandson I would name him ‘Krishna’ and if I had a granddaughter I would name her ‘Radhika’. Later on 14 May 2003, I had a granddaughter and what a coincidence her name selected during naming ceremony was also Radhika and thus Krishna took care of my worries.  

 When I went to the Krishna Kendra, I told the good news to my neighbor and all present at the Kendra. After this, I went to the Krishna Kendra for group chanting every Wednesday.  Today, if I am taking an afternoon nap, I feel that Krishna wakes me up and as soon as I realize that I have to go to the Kendra I immediately get ready and go to the Kendra. Nowadays I can’t wait for Wednesdays to arise and go to the Krishna Kendra and take his darshan and participate in group chanting.


13) Shri Ramesh Narkar (Mumbai ,India)

We  reached Taponagar, Bangalore in February 2009 under the influence of spiritual power & confirmed that P.P. Tai is working for Lord Krishna along with Saptarishis & got her message for us to meditate through Maharshi Krishnananda. During our next visit to Taponagar in the June 2009, on request of our close devotees, we were lucky that P.P. Tai appeared in her subtle body & gave the message “Meditate & Change” & advised me to convey this message to all devotees through Maharshi Krishnananda. Since February we along with other devotees are doing meditation very regularly including “ Light Channeling” practically daily. With this our life style have changed & got peace & bliss. Even one of our devotees working as branch manager in one of the banks opted for early retirement just to get sufficient time for her Sadhana. Some small but typical experiences I got after following P.P. Tai’s message, which are reproduced below:
During mid February I noticed that I can not stand for more than 10 minutes as I started getting pain in the back. After observing for about a week I got a x ray done and  found that I had  Lumber Spondylosis L5-S1 due to old age, as per my Doctor. Before taking x ray, I applied for on line renewal of my Passport & I got appointment on 2nd March 2012 at 12.45 p.m. My brother gave me reference of Mr. Tanavade working in the old Passport office, who was known to his father-in-law for help, if any. In the morning on 2nd March I  spoke to Mr. Tanavade but he said he was on outdoor duty on that day. I reached the Passport office at 12.30 p.m. & found that about 80-90 applicants were standing in queue in the building premises & learnt that 11.30 a.m. batch was taken inside the hall & being ours was the last batch it may take 3-4 hours to complete the job. I requested the person ahead of me to hold my queue due to my back pain & said I am sitting nearby & join the queue subsequently before entering the hall. I was sitting nearby along with other old person & waiting for the line to move. I called Mr. Tanavade & told him about long queue, who replied that he is on duty at the Airport. I remembered Lord Krishna, Saptarishis, P.P. Tai & prayed as usual & started meditating on Oneness. To my surprise after 7 minutes I received call from Mr. Tanavade who gave me the name of Lady in charge of Passport office and  told me to refer his name to the gatekeeper & talk to him that I want to meet the lady in charge of the office. Gatekeeper allowed me to go to her cabin & meet her. When I entered the hall there was 6 counters & at least 20-25 applicants were standing in the queue against each counter. I went directly & met the lady in charge who called her assistant & told him to get my set of application along with old Passport, relevant documents & its copies & process. He allowed me to sit in the hall. After 10 minutes he came out & gave my papers along with documents duly endorsed & told me to pay the fees. I just came out of the Passport office at 1.10 p.m. I am sure that God is very kind & help us. With the grace of God I can sit for about one hour for meditation & walk for 40-50 minutes now without any pain except to stand for longer time.

Just one week earlier to Ram Navami, Lord Krishna of Dwarkadish Temple, Apta Phata, appeared in my dream for the first time with very bright & beautiful face. I was just concentrating on his face & suddenly the face changed to goddess Vishwajanani. Just to reconfirm I took one round around the Idol from outside & again observed the face but it was of Devi. I then got up & found that it was 6.15 in the morning & I was in dream. I spoke to my wife subsequently & said we will visit the Temple on Sunday, the Ram Navami day on Sunday to Apta & attend the celebration.. On Wednesday I booked driver for Sunday to undertake visit to Apta Phata. On the same night Rashmi had severe arthritic problem & finding difficult to move easily without pain. Next day morning while morning walk my sciatic nerve got effected & could not walk properly. Rashmi told me to cancel the driver & drop the visit. I was very upset. I replied her that it is not necessary to cancel driver now & can be done subsequently on Saturday. Meanwhile I prayed to Lord Krishna during my Puja & at the time of meditation for our speedy recovery so that we can visit the Temple as decided. To our surprise we both recovered on Friday night & could visit the Temple on Ramnavami day as scheduled & participated in the celebration.

I am doing Light Channeling in the morning & in the night practically daily. In the last year on one of the day I was doing Light Channeling in the night before going to the bed & suddenly two of Krishna Devotees came in my vision. I channeled Light continuously to them on that night. After 4-5 days I came to know that the Maruti car in which they traveling between Mumbai & Pune along with their families met with the accident & car was damaged so much that it was disposed off in scrap. However none of them got injured seriously accept some mild injury with grace of God.

In the month of October 2011 on one of the day, I was doing stage meditation in the late evening & on the latter stage I saw lightening for a while followed by thundering with lightening. After some time it was raining heavily & again I went in meditation. When I got up there was no sign of rain. While taking dinner I talk about this event to Rashmi & jokingly she said that I must have taking the nap & was dreaming. But after another 15 minutes it really started with lightening followed by lightening with thundering & subsequently pouring for about 25-30 minutes at unusual time as I experienced during meditation. I do not know whether it is intuition .



14)Prakash Gadgil, Thane, Mumbai.

I had long association with P.P. Tai who told me once to do Saptashati Pathan at Krishna Kutir, Badlapur on one of the day in Navratri & subsequently every year & even now I continue to do so.
I planned my visit along with wife to my son at L.A. in U.S.A. in the month of June 2012 & decided to undertake visit to Vishwajanani Temple at Pasadena, L.A. & do Shaptashati Pathan in the Temple.
During my visit I contacted Mr. Pramod Gad of L.A., the Lord Krishna devotee who spoke to Panditji of the Temple & got the permission for Saptashati Pathan. Panditji was kind enough to open the Temple quite early on
Sunday 17th June 2012 & allowed my family to enter & do the needful. I offered Rose flowers to each of the deity in the Temple through Panditji & started Puja, Prayer & Saptashati Pathan. After about an hour we heard the
sound & found the flower placed over the head of Vishwajanani Navdurga fell down. We were quite happy that Goddess gave us blessings. I completed the Saptashati Pathan before other devotees entered the Temple.
Panditji was kind enough to give me the said flower as Prasad. We could feel lot of vibrations in the Temple.

I was very much touched after recollecting some what similar experience discussed by Narkar Kaka that…..When P.P. Tai installed Navdurga Idol as Vishwajanani in Ma Durga Temple at Monrovia, L.A. on 1st day of
Navratri on 7th October 2002, she offered 7 white Carnishan flowers placed 3 on the right & 3 on the left side of the Idol & 1 over the head as advised by Lord Krishna. Being Navaratri, Tai visited Temple daily & offered her prayers to Vishwajanani & did meditation. On the 3rd day i.e. 9th October 2002 the Flower from the head fell down in the hand of P.P. Tai while offering prayers & Vishwajanani spoke to Lord Krishna. P.P. Tai had shown the Flower (It was looking very fresh as seen in the photo) to devotees present in the Temple & spoke about the conversation between Lord Krishna & Vishwajanani. The text of the conversation along with the photo is appeared in this website, if one click on Vishwajanani link. Our experience was blessings from Devi & earlier gave the message to all Devotees.
To our surprise 2 Sadhus were carrying Lord Krishna Idol in the hand when we entered the Aircraft in our return journey to Mumbai & we had very comfortable travel in presense of Lord Krishna.


15)Mrs Lata Jadhav(Kolhapur)

In my very first meeting with P.P Leelatai when I met her I took her darshan (blessings). At this time, she gave each devotee present one photograph of Lord Krishna. She gave me one photo too but I asked Tai to give me one more photo. I wanted to send the additional photo to my daughter who resides in America. Tai gave me one more photo but she paused and looked at me. I felt embarrassed but my intention of asking for the additional photo was pure and good. Just like me, I wanted my daughter to pray to Lord Krishna with all her heart and receive his blessings in this worldly life.

When I came home with the two pictures, I showed the photos of Lord Krishna to my son, Rajesh, who had also just returned home. I said to my son, “Take these photos and get them nicely framed.” Hearing this he replied, “Mom, a friend of mine laminates photos, I will get the Krishna photos laminated from him.”  He took the photos and gave them to his friend. Even after a lot of days had passed Rajesh did not bring the photos. So I started asking him why he hasn’t brought the photos yet. I started inquiring when we would get the photos from his friend. At that time, my son told me that when he asked his friend about the photos, his friend said that he cannot find the photos. He cannot understand how the photos could get lost. I felt very sad that the photos had been lost because those photos had been given to be by Tai (Krishna) and my sentiments had been hurt.  I would keep scolding my son that I made a mistake by giving him the photos. I would have gotten them framed in a frame shop. Hearing this, my son told me that he would bring me a nice Krishna photo. But I refused and told him that, “I didn’t want a different Krishna photo. I got those photos from Tai herself and that is why they hold a lot of importance to me.” My son also felt very bad about this since he is also religious in nature. Seeing my restlessness regarding the photos made him very unhappy as well.

After six to seven months had passed, my son suddenly met his friend on the street and he told him that, “Hey Raju, I found your Krishna photos and had them laminated, so you can come to the shop and collect them.” The next day itself my son brought the Krishna photos and excitedly started yelling from outside the door that, “Mom, your Krishna photos have been found!”  Once I took the photos in my hand, my happiness had no boundaries and my eyes were filled with tears of joy. I started conducting puja on these photos.

  One can see that Tai has so much power. I got back the lost photos that she had given me. I gave one photo to my daughter to take with her to America. She has also hung this photo at her home because her daughter is also Krishna’s blessing and Prasad only!

My son-in-law, Sudhakar Dalvi, took a few days off from work and came to Kolhapur unexpectedly to take us with him to America and he booked the flight for us on 5 May. We both husband and wife came to Mumbai International Airport with our son-in-law to take a flight to US. We were flying on Air-India airlines while our son-in-law was on a different airline. Our son-in-law was helping us check- in our bags and to get our boarding passes but it took so long that he missed his flight. Our daughter informed us about this when she called us on our cell phone. We got scared because the plan was that our son-in law was going to reach US early and wait at the airport for two hours till our flight arrived and then take us home in his car. So when we heard that he had missed his flight we were confused and worried about how we were going to do now when we reached US. In our minds we started calling out to Krishna for help. My daughter called again and told us not to be worried or scared and that she will make arrangements for someone to come to the airport to pick us up when we land at the US airport. She reassured us and told us that she will call again to inform us in detail about her friend who will come to the airport to pick us up. There was only about an hour left for our flight to take off from Mumbai Airport. My daughter called me within the next half hour to inform me about the name of her friend who was supposed to pick us up at the airport in US when we land. Her friend’s name was Geetanjali and she lives In New Jersey and the airport is close from her place. My daughter told me that we should go with her to her place and stay there till our son-in law will come in two days to pick us up.

Our flight took off at exactly 1:00 a.m. from Mumbai Airport and reached America at 8 a.m. US time. We got off our flight and completed immigration and we were given permission to stay in America for six months. We took our bags and went to the airport entrance doorway and started looking for the girl who was going to pick us up. Suddenly, my daughter’s friend Geetanjali came to us and started inquiring about us. When we asked her how she recognized us, she said that she had information about how we looked and what we would be wearing so when she saw us she instantly recognized us and she rushed to us. After this she brought us to her home. She was accompanied by her kid – Neel. Seeing him I instantly felt like my Krishna has himself come to take me home. Neel also had a slightly dark skin tone just like Krishna and he was constantly talking to us and came close to us by calling us “Grandpa-Grandma”. We were thrilled that we had witnessed God himself in the form of this kid. We had lunch at her house. As soon as we had left the airport, Geetanjali had already called from her cellphone and informed my daughter about our safe arrival and we also got an opportunity to touch base with our daughter. On the same day, she asked another friend’s husband to pick us up and bring us to South Windsor to her other residence and finally we reached home safely.


When my husband and I came to US we brought with us the Krishna photo that Tai had given me.  We would pray to Krishna every day. At that time, we also brought with us “Sri Krishna Vishwajanani Leelamrut” book. I asked my daughter to find out the exact address of the Vishwajanani and Krishna temple that Leelatai established in California that has been mentioned in the above the book. Accordingly, my daughter found out on her laptop that this temple is located in Los Angeles. We wished to go the Krishna temple in US and get blessings because Leelatai herself had established the Vishwajanani and Krishna idols here which made this temple very special. But this place is very far away from where my daughter resides so it was not feasible for us to go there to receive darshan. 

So my daughter and I started looking online for more information on other Krishna Kendras established by Leelatai in US. During the search, we found out about a Krishna Kendra in New Jersey at the residence of Abhi Kanitkar and also found out his address and phone number. He lived closer to my daughter’s residence compared to California and so we wished about going to the Kendra to get Krishna’s darshan. We expressed our desire to our daughter. She said, “Let’s see when we get a chance to go to New Jersey.  When we go, we will definitely go to the Krishna Kendra.” In a few days we got a chance to go to visit my daughter’s friend in New Jersey.  

We left on a Friday to my daughter’s friend’s place thus making sure that we could get to spend the entire weekend sightseeing in New Jersey. We decided to go sightseeing to all the tourist spots and temples in New Jersey on Saturday. At that time, I started thinking about the Krishna Kendra at Kanitkars which I hoped would be close by from where we were and I told my wish to my daughter that, “I want to get darshan of Krishna and Leelatai so why don’t you call Mr. Kanitkar and ask him his address and how far is it from our current location?” At that time my daughter told me that, “Mom, we are going to the animal safari and so we won’t be able to go to Mr. Kanitkar’s home. My friend stays at one end of New Jersey and we are going sightseeing to another location which is also far off and Sri Krishna Kendra is located all the way in the other end. So how will it be possible to see everything? In U.S. tourist attractions are all spaced out and we need to stay more than two days to see everything and we need to be back at home by Sunday at any cost.”

Before leaving my daughter’s home for New Jersey, I prayed in front of Leelatai’s photo, I had brought along, that “Tai, I wish to come and take darshan at the Krishna Kendra that you have established but how to make that possible is completely known to you and I am sure from the bottom of my heart that only you will make it happen.

On Saturday, we went sightseeing in New Jersey and the next day we were going to visit places that we had already planned. But on Saturday night suddenly it started raining heavily. We had to cancel all our plans. At that time, our son-in-law said that we should go to Kanitkars’ home and receive darshan of Lord Krishna. The next day (on Sunday) it was still raining heavily. We left on Sunday evening around 5 p.m. It took us a while to find the Kendra due to the rain. 

We did not know that everyone was going to meet for group chanting and prayers the same evening we had planned to go to the Kendra. When we reached the Kendra, Mr. Kanitkar was himself waiting for us near the door with an umbrella in his hands. Though it was time for the Kendra, other devotees could not attend due to the rain. All of us together with my daughter’s family and her friend’s family entered into the temple. We took darshan of Krishna’s photo and Tai’s photo.

The head of the family, Abhi Kanitkar introduced himself and his family members to us and asked about our wellbeing. Because it was time to start the prayer, we first chanted ‘Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya’ followed by ‘Om Mahan Shakti Devataya Namah’ mantras and prayed to Krishna and received his and Tai’s darshan. At that time, I said that Tai has infinite power.  That day none of the other devotees who regularly attend the Kendra could be present. Tai got the arti and chanting done through us.  I was feeling regret that this time because it was raining so heavily I could not bring anything as Prasad for Krishna and Tai. Suddenly my husband remembered that on Saturday while visiting a Ganapati temple we had bought some ladoos to take home with us. Those ladoos were in the car. Mr. Kanitkar placed one of these ladoos in front of Tai’s photo.

He was very happy and felt as if he was in a trance and that he was actually seeing Tai in me! He was extremely satisfied and took my blessings and embraced me. At that same moment, I also felt like I was in a trance and thought that in the form of Abhi Kanitkar, Krishna himself is embracing me.  All of us sat down and started sharing our experiences about Krishna and Tai. Time just flew and before we knew it was already 9 p.m.  After he heard my experiences, Abhi requested me to write these experiences and sent them to him. He said that he would post them on the website and send them to all the Krishna and Tai’s devotees for their happiness and satisfaction.

He then distributed the ladoo that we placed before Krishna as Prasad and said, “Even today Krishna is attracted to your ladoos.” I was very happy after hearing him say the above words.  I was extremely satisfied that I received Krishna and Tai’s darshan in America and my long held wish had come true.

This is “Krishnaleela”!  Krishna does not want anything from you. He only wants you to pray to him from the heart with true faiths, attend Kendra regularly and participate in group chanting. So Krishna can also fulfill your wishes. Praying to Krishna from the bottom of your heart means he is present amongst all of us! This is what I want to say to all the Krishna devotees through my experiences.

“Jai Sri Krishna!

Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya

Om Mahan Shakti Devataya namah

Jicha Janama Krishna Krupartha jala,

Jine Vaas Krishna Bhaktith kela

Jicha hrudayi Sarvada Krishna vasati

Namaskar tya Guruleela Charanavarti

Sri Gopalkrishna Maharaj ki jai”