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Following are some of the messages conveyed to the world by Lord Shri Krishna through his ardent Devotee/Messenger  & the late ParamPoojya Mrs Leelatai ("Tai")Karve as mentioned in her book "Sri Krishna Uaacha"("Lord Krishna speaks")
Please note some commentary & quotes have been appended to add more meaning to the messages.

:- In today’s fast paced world ,their is a  huge paucity of love, affection, faith & devotion.
 :- The Earth is being ravaged by continuous onslaught of Adharma (Evil & Fake religious practices) leading to downfall of truth and morality.
 :- Greed & Intellectual pollution based  on self centered ego is prevalent  amongst  general populace.
:- Most People do not have a clue of true dharma/religion or spirituality
 :-  Every yuga (age) has it's own vibrations ,they are most positive are in satya (truth) yuga &  worst in kali yuga.
 :-  War, destruction, poverty, corruption & other problems still ravage the planet.
 :- So the most important need of the hour is Love, Devotion, Meditation & Japa(chanting of holy names).
:- Since in today's fast paced world,it is not possible to do rigorous spiritual activities as was done by in the ancient times by our sages & saints,Lord Krishna has recommended the establishment of Krishna Kendras/Centers around the world so that it can serve as a common platform for devotees to get together and chant collectively.i.e mass prayer.


:-For this world to function in perfect harmony ,along with prayers to Supreme Shiva(OM/lord krishna) it is also essential to offer prayers to Shakti(Vishwajanini/Goddess Navadurga) ,
this holds special significance especially for his yuga/time.
:-Joint prayers to Shiva and Shakti will invoke/harness the supreme power of OM within you.To fasten this process ,simply get together and do collective chanting of
OM NAMO BHAGWATE VASUDEVAYA and OM MAHAAN SHAKTI DEVATAYA NAMAHA ,do not spend any time in unnecessary rituals.
:-The power of collective chanting is enormous,it is similar to the term "UNITED WE STAND" ,most people do not understand the power /potency of group chanting,this kind
of chanting/prayers have manifold potency.
:- The result of this group chanting at the kendras will not only help the people who chant but will help their relatives,country and the world.
:- One should look at the example of ancient sages of india who due to their immense practices have helped india sustain its spiritual prowess even through tough times.
:- Whoever goes to the kendra regularly for chanting with devotion ,I declare that his life's responsibilty is mine.
:- Do not pay attention to the foolish taunts and baseless talk of people who criticize you for attending the kendra ,that is out of their ignorance ,It is extremely important for you to
 attend the kendra regularly,eventually it will benefit everyone including those who are criticizing you.
:- One who attends the kendra regularly should eventually develp some kind of excitement,that is where I really am,the willingness and love towards to me.


:- In olden days,the sages and Rishis would perform very rigorous spiritual practices which would help sustain the world's functional balance,but nowadays fast paced world these things are not
 possible ,to acheive the same goal Lord Krishna has recommended the Installation Vishwajanini(Goddess Navadurga) and praying to that idol.
:- For harmonious functioning of the world ,worship of both Shiva and Shakti is needed.
:- The first place chosen for installation was in Los Angeles,LA,USA because it was a unfulfilled wish of one of Lord Krishna's modern day disciple Parmahansa Yogananda,the founder of
Self Realization Fellowship ,who had come to the West in the early 1900's as a spiritual emmissary to spread and revive the ancient knowledge of Kriya Yoga or Raja Yoga,this knowledge was earlier
 revealed to Arjuna by Lord Krishna in the Gita but was lost in time.
* During installation of Nava Durga Idol in Los Angeles ,California ,USA , An interesting dialogue took place between Lord Krishna and Goddess Navadurga , she said “O Yogeshwara , you are so unique,
there is no one like you , you are always very kind, generous and compassionate, you always forgive devotees for their misconduct & misbehavior . Now that you have installed me & on your commandment,
I shall protect devotees from foreseen revolution to take place in 2005…( as told by Krishna in 1996 during tai’s visit to USA. ) but unlike you, I will bless the devotees as per their devotion/bhakti and punish
 them for their misconduct or misbehavior. Otherwise those devotees will never realize their mistakes & continue to repeat for the life time , it is only for their own good, now as per your commandment
I will start my work for vishwakarya and make sure it is accomplished successfully i.e helping the world in need ”.

:- Faith is the most important channel towards god , do not disrupt it .
:- If you break  this channel ,it takes considerable amount  of time to rebuild the link,the timeframe for doing so is miniscule for the Lord ( as supreme soul) but could be more in terms of human age.
In such a situation The Lord  won't be able to help and guide you.So keep the faith at all times.
:- If you take 1 step in my direction, Bhagwan Krishna will take 108 steps in your direction.
:- If his true devotee calls for help,the Lord will always respond ,be rest assured about this.
:I can only help people who have faith ,how much faith ? Is like basic arithmetic , proportional to the amount of his faith and devotion, you only get what you give ( in terms of faith and devotion).

:- When I say I will come to your aide, means, I will do whatever is necessary, I may not appear in a idolatory form ,but will send someone to help you ,don’t you people refer to others who came to help in need as godlike beings?.

: Always keep sattvic (pure/balanced ) thoughts to reach the lord.

:- I do not accept anything from people with selfish attitude.

:- True Devotion means trying to bring about a change for self-betterment ,blind faith means thought of harming others.

:- The path of devotion is superior to path of knowledge ,cause devotion has no chance of ego ,it is a complete surrender of the “I” ness while the path of knowledge sometimes can develop ego and thus become
 a obstacle in path of reaching me. Saint Dyaneshwar has commented that there is no comparison between devotion and knowledge ,devotion is far superior.

:- Faith and devotion are like two steps to come towards me ,that's why I always say offer me "Fruits of faith" and "food of devotion" instead of those respective material objects.
Quote from the Gita:-
For one who sees me in everything and sees everything in me,I am never lost,
Nor is he ever lost to me “
:- Your duty is paramount ,do not EVER neglect /forget your duty ,do it with utmost attention and devotion & offer it to me as worship.
:- If you neglect your duty ,then none of your worship ,pujas and sadhana can reach the Lord , so do not use  worship as an excuse to avoid your duty.
:- The Lord grants the fruits of our actions to us in a appropriate way at the right time  Which is deduced by him.
:- In fact whatever you do in life ,do it with positive attitude and pure thoughts and just offer that work to me ,this way you will be saved from karmic bondage.

:- My true bhaktas are always content and say “I have done my best to my ability now whatever happens is Lord Kirshna’s will”, they don’t complain or keep nagging when failure occurs.

:- Be content with what you have in life ,at the same time strive to do better with whatever tools and skills you have ,but while doing so do not indulge in wrong doing of any kind or try
any kind of misuse, remember the karmic repercussions.

What is the significance of this Mantra
:- This mantra is the most potent for this yuga
"OM" means Lord Shiva
"SHAKTI"(power)  is Goddess Durga
Supreme Soul Bhagwan Sri Krishna himself.
This mantra has power of all three embedded in it.
:- The whole power of the universe relies on OM and   one can invoke the power of this  All powerful Omkara / OM within us  by  chanting this mantra also it is well suited to today's busy lifestyle and easy to do.
:-OM is the word from which the universe was created and is being sustained,the true power of this word is beyond explaination.
:- For the World to run in a harmonious manner ,worship of both Shiva(OM) and Shakti(Navadurga) is necessary.
:- The Holy Bhagwad Geeta is written in sanskrit and may not be easy for a commoner to understand or interpret correctly ,so the best and the fastest way to connect to Lord Shri Krishna is by chanting this mantra,
cause it's simple and fits well for todays' busy lifestlye of general populace.
:- This mantra can be chanted all the time, there is no specific time period allocation but on a minimum as per the Lord’s directives at least 15 minutes per week along with the Durga Mantra
“OM MAHAAN SHAKTI DEVATAYA NAMAHA”for 5 minutes at least.
:- In today's world,because of widespread negative activities ,the demonic tendencies are more prevalent. To counter them collective and group chanting is most effective .The power of group chanting is manifold potency.
:-Whosoever chants the mantra with utmost faith, The Lord   guarantees I will help him for sure.I never desert my devoteee,the lord says.
;- When he say's he will help he means, he will do  whatever is “appropriate”, he may not appear in a cosmic form ,but might send someone to help you ,what you think is good for you may not always be the case.
 Based on your actions and attitude is  what  is you get.  Always keep sattvic (pure) thoughts to reach the lord.
Meaning of Kuldevata :- Family or Ancestral Deity

:- We are chosen to be born in families based on our karmic calculation,each family has some  kuldevatas.
:- They are the real protectors of the family, and  are constantly battling subtle  negative forces to protect the family tree.In other word's they are the flagship of the family in the spiritual world.
:- If they are not shown respect or not worshipped ,bad incidents can happen to a family.
:- No prayer reaches the Supreme Lord without first offering prayers/ obeisience to the Kuldevatas .
:- They are like the gateways to Almighty Lord, always revere them and respect them.
:- One of first pre-requisite of performing your duty is to never forget to remember your kuladevata before starting any work.
One can worship the Lord  in human form,but the eventual aim of the devotee is to grasp the universal cosmic form ,which was revealed to Arjuna during Mahabharata
as mentioned in Chapter 11 of the Bhagwat Gita.
To reach such a state one has to be thoroughly sattvic  in nature and go through tough spiritual practices ,not everyone can understand and conceptionlise the concept of formless god.Finally It is the Lord's wish itself whether he chooses to reveal the "vishwaswaroop" darshan or not.
:- The Srimad Bhagwad  Gita is the most unique book in the spiritual world ,it is the Pinnacle of the entire knowledge of the most ancient books like the Vedas and Upanishads.
:- It was not exclusively narrated for Arjuna only but it is for all the human warriors who are in a similar confused state. Spiritual Kshatriya could be interpreted who is battling his senses towards the path of self or god realization.
:- The Geeta is not meant only for reading , it's message has to be Implemented in your life,this way it's true purpose is served.
:- During the first inter faith dialogue meeting in the USA in 1890 ,
  Swami Vivekananda made a address from the gita
"All ways and all forms of religion only lead to One Almighty god"
The Gita was purposely kept at the bottom of the stack of all books ostensibly to
show disrespect to it which he said ,the Gita is the base of all knowledge and religious philosophy  and hence is the base of al books ,without  it all others would fall like a pack of cards.
:- The Gita is actually a dialogue between a Jeev Atman(Arjuna) and ParamAtman(Lord Krishna),It is not just a book but it is our life and the promises made by Lord Krishna to his devotees.
:- The Dharma/Religion Preached in the Holy Gita is Humanity i.e love and respect for all living beings ,live and let live philosophy.

“Your have right to perform prescribed duty ,not entitled to the fruits of action, Never consider yourself to be the cause of results of your activities , and never be attached to not doing your duty ”

* The important and famous verse has been misinterpreted by many people the real meaning behind it is as follows . What I meant was the following “ Do your work sincerely & diligently , without attachment but with the aim of expecting favourable results as no human can work without some expectation,Even I have expectations, but do not be adamantly attached to the eventual outcome of the action/fruits, if you win do not rejoice too much ,if you fail then do not get utterly distraught , be equinanimous or balanced , accept the result as the will of the supreme lord ,everything happens as per his will & approval ".

* Human being has the right to act ,but not the right to fruits of the actions, so do not associate with the results of actions but at the same time do not also refrain from doing action.

* In general ,the results of your actions are determined by various aspects mainly 3 ,your past karma, actions of your ancestors/kulas, and gods(my) will. Some of your destiny is already decided on your past karmic actions.

*- I grant the fruits of our actions in a appropriate way at the right time which is deduced by him. Note that I will never be unfair to anyone.

* Whatever you do , do it with firm attention and sincerity and offer that work to me as “Shri krishna Parnamastu.”


“for those who worship me with exclusive devotion, meditating on my transcendental form ,I carry what they lack, preserve what they have I take care of the well being /welfare of their life “

* What I meant was I will definitely help the people who do worship me with exclusive devotion and meditate on me ,but they also cannot just sit idle and expect things in life ,they have to do their work honestly and without attachment and follow my principles. Remember I reside in you and do all work through you and will do whatever is appropriate for you.


“Whoever offers to me with devotion a leaf, flower, fruit, water, that devotion offered from a pure soul I accept.”

*What I meant here was I will accept any token of worship as long it is done with true intentions and true devotion ,I do not look at what the material object offered to me but the magnitude of devotion offered to me.


“Abandoning all varieties of dharma(tendencies),surrender to me only , I promise I will free you from sinful reactions, do not fear “

This is probably the most important Sloka of Gita ,cause in that the lord tells Arjuna that although he has explained him the secrets of all types of knowledge ,eventually they will not protect him, his eventual shelter for safety from everything is only him ,so simply give up all speculations about everthing and simply surrender to him,and you will be protected ,he finally assures his devotees with a firm and forceful statement “do not fear”.
Abandoning all tendencies ,completely surrender to me , I am the real doer, I reside within all human beings as the supreme soul, when you do so , you end the seemingly ever repeating vicious cycle of karmic attachments which leads to birth & death lifecycles.
Whatever your “fixed” destiny is, as a consequence of your past actions, you will have to undergo the resulting reactions of the same , but from the moment you think God is the doer ,surrender, rely on me and link with the supreme soul within you I will start the process leading to your spiritual liberation.”
:- In the path of worship,keep only ONE deity as the sole object of worship or goal as your spiritual progress will gain momentum.
:- The mind will thus remain focused, cause in the  world of spirituality ,fickle mindedness
is tantamount to slipping which is detrimental and can cause grave obstacle.
:- It has to be noted that eventually all prayers to any deities of gods go to the Supreme Lord Krishna.
:- Pray regularly and preferably at the same time (auspicious times) everyday.
:- Prayer times are most auspicious at brahma mahurta ( 3:45 am=> 4:30 am).
Then at different junctions during change ,
e.g 12pm (morning to afternoon),6 pm evening(sun set), 12 pm (midnight)
:- For more information on worship procedues  for Yogeshwar organization ,please read the following
Click here
:- Every human being has 2 elements in him jeev atma” which is him and “param–atma” which is Supreme Lord /Parameshwar himself.
:- when the jeev-atma takes precedence, he behaves in a wrong manner i.e ego centric
thinking he is the doer but  when he realises the param atma he develops spiritually.
:- This is attained by surrendering to me and realizing me as the absolute and the doer.
:- While praying to me do not just physically hold hands and bow but imagine a amalgamation of our hearts.
Swami Mukhtananda's prayer
'Jyot se jyot jagao, Sadguru, jyot se jyot jagao'
Master, light a flame of devotion and knowledge let the  omnipotent ,omnipresent spirit merge with the infinite
Quote from Gita
“The Supreme Lord resides in everyone’s heart ,and is directing the wanderings of all beings Who are seated on machines made up of material energy”
:- In today’s busy and career oriented world ,the women do not find much time to attend to their children, that could lead to slow degeneration of moral & ethical values and lead to a faulty generation .
:- The children are the future and they have to molded in a correct manner for a better generation. The main household responsibility is of the women , it is paramount for women folk/mothers  to play a very important part in child rearing for a better future.
:- For a child student it is important to do his studies first, no need of prayers,
 Simply chant “Om Namo Bhagwatey Vasudevaya” thrice and call me “Shri Krishna please come to me ”to keep the link with  me.
:- The young generation interest me the most as they will play a key part in tomorrow’s world. I will get my work done mainly through them.

:- Young generations should cultivate discipline, nothing in this world nor the next can be attained without some kind of sacrifice and that needs strong discipline and dedication.

:- Serve god in humans and to start with be compassionate to your parents, relatives and elders ,see my image in them .

:- They should be made to realize the difference between factual truth /reality of life and fakeness shown on Television and Movies which mostly potray false and fancy facets of life that everything is easy and free to accomplish.

:- Not all that is shown on TV is bad, there is lot of informative stuff, but they should realize the importance of balance ,not doing excess and discipline in life.

:- Charity begins at home, so first serve your family members (the elders) first and then the world”.
:- Guru means “Dispeller of Darkness”
:- Most important principle in Guru-Disciple relationship  is  to  follow  instructions of guru  regarding spiritual disciplines without fail.
:- In today’s age ,no Guru is totally perfect ,as mentioned in the Gita ,
“there is no entity ,sages or demi-gods in  the entire universes & realms who are not affected by the 3 modes of nature qualities. sattva, rajas & tamas “
:- Accept the guru with his good & bad qualities, once you accept him do not complain about his human frailties .
:* Any Guru’s “Dosha”(deficiency) is beyond your understanding and so is beyond mine so don’t bother debating that topic.
:- The best way to speed up your spiritual sadhana is to chant OM NAMO BHAGWATE VASUDEVAYA apart from the mantra one has been initiated by the Guru to chant.
Quote from Guru Dattatreya's
  Avadhoot Geeta
“Think not lightly of thy Guru should he lack letters and learning.
 Take the Truth he teaches and ignore the rest. Know well that a boat, painted and adorned, will carry you across the river; so also will one that is plain and simple”
:- If you do not have a physical guru  or are dissatisfied with him ,consider Lord Shri Krishna as your Guru ,heis the the only incarnation Who has been designated
   as "JAGAD GURU"(The Guru of the Universe)
“Vasudeva Sutam Devam,
 Kansa Chaanur mardanam,
  Devaki Paramaanandam
 Krishnam Vande Jagad Gurum"

Krishna is the Supreme Lord,Son of Vasudeva
Slayer of evil demons Kansa and Chanur.
Supreme bliss of of Devaki ,
I bow to Lord Krishna who is the guru of the entire universe"
Link to Avadhut Gita
Click here
Guru Brahma Guru Vishnu Guru devo maheshwara
Guru sakshat para-brahma taismashree guravey namaha”
The Guru is Creator(Brahma),The Guru is Vishu(Preserver),The Guru is Shiva(Destroyer),Guru is himself embodiment of Supreme Lord ,to that Guru we humbly bow with respect
:- Today  the world has many religious paths ,hinduism,Buddhism ,Islam,Christianity etc  ,all have their own ways, books, edicts & rituals. 
Quote from Gita
"Whosoever comes to me, through whatsoever form, I reach him,All men are struggling through paths which in the end lead to me.”
:- But remember the core message of mine (God) is “Humanity”.It transcends every barrier the human race has created .
:- Serving human being is serving God, Instead of serving God in temples, mosques & churches serve the God residing in the human being
:- Charity begins at home, so first serve your family members (the elders) first and then the world”.
 Quote from Swami Vivekananda at parliament of religions
“As the different streams having their sources in different places all mingle their water in the sea, so, O Lord, the different paths which men take through different tendencies, various though they appear, crooked or straight, all lead to Thee.”)
:-Atheism is a complete waste of human birth
:-Naasteek”means "Nashta" means Absolute   Waste
:- If one is not spiritual or does not believe in God then  there is no purpose of human life,his birth is a total failure,period.
:- Knowing this one should be grateful for being a human ,as according to the great Indian sages ,a soul goes through almost 8 million births to attain a human body.
:- What makes Human birth amongst all other animals apart from basic intelligence is that is is the only physical body gifted with the unique spinal axis -chakra system,
making it a launch pad for  final self realization of almighty god through spiritual practices.
Quote from the Gita
“ Those who are filled with demonic qualities,lowest amongst men,i perpetually cast them  in the ocean of material existence,taking rebirths in the lower demonic realms they can never attain me and slip down to the most abdominal mode of existence”
:- As quoted by Saint Dyaneshwar ,The Lord once told his closest devotee Sage Narada Muni that ,he may or  may not be found in Holy places, temples or places of pilgrimage but one place he is always resides is where His true devotees are in bliss chanting and
singing his praises.
:- For him  who is more richer & bountiful? , at whose house does he reside? not at the homes of the materialistic minded ones who might have more earthly wealth,but the ones who have loads of selfless faith and devotion towards him.
:- All the Lord’s  greatest devotees  have had to go through tough  tests ,for e.g Dyaneshwar ,Tukaram, Namdev, Gora kumbhar, janabai etc all were thoroughly tested with dire situations, they sailed through with ease because of their immense devotion and all of them ultimately reached my supreme abode. Although they were not at all rich in worldly terms but in terms of faith & devotion.
Quote from The Gita
“For those who worship me with exclusive   devotion, meditating on my transcendental
 form ,I carry what they lack, preserve what they have “
:- When someone asked the lord why did he told Arjuna at the start of the conversation “All happens by my Will” and then at the end of the Gita “Do as you please” ,Lord explains that it is true that all happens by my will but Arjuna was in the middle of the battlefield, not in a balanced state of mind wherein he would taken the right decision ,he was baffled and confused and depressed by the idea of fighting his own relatives forgetting the core concept of fighting for higher cause i.e what is right/dharma by fighting injustice against the hostile and deceptive kurus, He being my beloved friend and devotee it was my duty to guide him in the right direction so after giving him sound advice and reminding him his foremost duty I restored his thinking on the right track , When I was absolutely sure he had realized the truth ,Only then I asked him to use his own will knowing well that now he will take the correct decision.

*To a question asked whether the credit of revelation of Holy Gita to the World goes to the Blind Kuru King Dhritirastra for his want of knowing what was on the battlefield ,The Lord said this is all play ,the credit goes to all players in the drama,be it Dhritirashtra or Sanjaya or Arjuna, cause if Arjuna was not disillusioned he would not have narrated the Gita in the first place, if the Kauravas had not forced the war ,he would not gotten disillusioned in the first place , I am the one who gives buddhi (Intellect ) to all beings, I gave the sound intellect to Pandavas and destructive intellect to the Kauravas ,the Kauravas had to be destroyed ,The main objective of my Avatar was to lessen the burden of earth and that was to be accomplished by routing and wiping out the evil Kuru race.
Quote from the Gita
"This whole limitless cosmic manifestation is pervaded by You! Obeisances from all sides! O unbounded power, master of limitless might! You are all-pervading, father of this complete cosmic manifestation, the worshipable chief, the spiritual master. No one is equal to You, nor can anyone be one with You. Within the three worlds, You are immeasurable O Krishna"
 Watch and Listen to some hyms from the Chapter 11 "The Universal Form" narrated by H.H.Srila Prabhupada.
click here
Offer work as worship to me thinking of me as the ultimate goal.(Shri Krishna Paranamastu).
Win my heart by pure,selfless love and devotion.
I am the love,sattvicness in you ,I work through you ,to have lack of confidence in yourself is equivalent to showing lack of confidence in me ,so move on with self confidence having faith in me since I am the real doer.
Have continuous unfettered faith in me and be blessed for eternity.You will find the real peace of mind only through developing sattvic bhava ,no amount of material wealth can do that for you.
:- Who is Shri Krishna ,Krishna means Moha/Maya,the sattvic bhav within you ,he feels that if you wish to invoke his presence and blessings,chant the mantra OM NAMO BHAGWATE VASUDEYAYA with devotion,cause this mantra is so simple,especially for today's hectic and busy times,it can be chanted anywhere,anytime by people of any age,if you call me this way I will definitely come to you.if my devotee calls me ,it is impossible that I will not come running for help.
:- To display lack of confidence in me is same as showing lack of self confidence ,so have faith in me and proceed with your work with self confidence.
:-My hands will come and help you and bring eternal happiness in your life something which even enormous amount of material wealth won't be able to bring about
:- Develop Sattvic bhav,this way I am able to manifest within you and get the work done through you and stay with you forever.
:- Do your work and affirm once before going to bed “krishna please come “

:- When a drop of wealth is given to some people from my kitty,they get the tag of so called “Wealthy Millionaires” on earth ,such people have to be careful not to show arrogance as material pocessions are temporary and never belong to anyone.

:- During the course of your spiritual path ,desire me on for only the sake of attaining me nothing else only then you will realize true happiness and satisfaction.

:- Life's journey will always be filled with good and bad times, just like the fact that the Sun does not shine forever and their is night /darkness in between ,but remember me at all times ,do not ever forget me ,I will help you overcome difficulties in life.

:- In reality a human being is my true form ,do keep this in mind .

:- What is meditation? Concentrated silent prayer done with true sattvic bhav offered to god with the aim of providing peace/solace to all humanity.

:-Whom do I choose for the process of meditation ? Whoever thinks of me as his own ,who day and night thinks only of me, who will not violate any of my commands so whoever I think of as myself. That person’s
 happiness is mine and his worries are also mine.

:- But remember the core message of mine (god) is “Humanity”. It transcends every barrier the human race has created .Humanity is the original concept behind religion.

:- Serving human being is serving god, instead of serving god in temples, mosques & churches serve the god residing in the human being

:- When a person leaves this mortal world ,he leaves behind all his so called processions including his bank accounts for which he spent his whole lifespan running after accumulating money, once he is gone
 they become null and void ,but whenever you do any spiritual activity like chanting it is encashed in your spiritual bank ,which is the eternal bank and of which balance is carried forward on to your next birth unlike the material bank.

:- Offer work as worship to me thinking of me as the ultimate goal.(“Shri krishna paranamastu”).

:- Win my heart by pure, selfless love and devotion.

:- I am the love, sattvicness (pure balanced behaviour ) in you ,I work through you ,to have lack of confidence in me is equivalent to showing lack of confidence in yourself ,so move on with self confidence having faith in me since i am the real doer.

:- Have continuous unfettered faith in me and be blessed for eternity. You will find the real peace of mind only through developing sattvic bhava ,no amount of material wealth can do that for you.

:- “I am yours and you are mine “that should be our relationship.

:- When I accept someone’s seva or service ,it is only after enormous scrutiny, not everyone is fortunate to receive this opportunity.

:- I change with every age /yuga ,and in this yuga I will work through you.

:- How to expedite the speed of Spiritual sadhana ?,apart from any mantra you have been instructed to chant by your Guru ,add chanting Om Namo Bhagwate Vasudevaya ,every mantra releases some power
but today’s need is Om Namo Bhagwate Vasudevaya.

:- I dislike people who despite having good experiences in the past show ungratefulness to me ,this will surely lead them away from me.

:- If you are my true bhakta/devotee , then behave like one ,carry the reputation of Hari Bhakta by behaving as per my edicts. Do not spoil my reputation by performing wrong actions in my name ,this will make me extremely unhappy.
Krishna bhakti is not some mediocre time pass worship. Have strong faith and discipline.

:- If good things happen to you, you praise me,if bad things happen then you curse me ,in both the cases I have remained the same ,what has changed is the state of your mind. Learn to control your mind. I remain
the same for everyone ,I have no bias at all.

:- The whole universe functions under my umbrella and for smooth functioning , I need co-operation from each and every being ,especially meditation by divine souls like Tai ,I have been using Tai’s helping hand
 since 1951 and even before that I was getting her help without her knowledge .Divine souls like Tai serve like reservoir of my energy and hence are a medium for my universal work.

:- Today the world has many religious paths,hinduism, buddhism ,islam, christianity etc ,all have their own ways, books, edicts & rituals. But remember the key message is humanity, live and let live, show love and respect to everyone.

:- Remember lord krishnas’ leela as an example in life , krishna the baby ,the child ,the friend, the son, the lover of gopis, the prince ,the warrior ,the king ,the mediator ,the guru.

:- Try to see everyone with attitude of love and compassion cause I reside in every human being , see me in everyone.

Whosoever comes to me, through whatsoever form, i reach him,all men are struggling through paths which in the end lead to me.”
******** HARI OM TAT SAT ****************