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Monday, 20 January 2014

Dear Devotees,

Please be informed that we have celebrated 10th Vardhapan day Of Vishwajanani at Kothavade, Vadajun, Ratnagiri on 5th January 2014 by performing Navchandi Havan. Many  Devotees from Goa, Pune, Nasik & Mumbai attended the event & graced the occasion.  please see photos below which were captured during the Havan & of Vishwajanani.



27-11-2013 by Shri R.K.Narkar

Dear Devotees,

Please be informed that 10th Vardhapan day of Vishwajanani Navdurga at Krishna Mandir, Vadajun, Ratnagiri will be celebrated on 5th January 2014. Navchandi Havan will be performed by Pandits from Ganesh Mandir, Ganapatipule on that day. However Shaptapati Pathan will be done on 4th january 2014 at 4 p.m. & Poornahuti will take place on 5th January at 12.30 p.m. followed by Maha Aaratee & Mahaprasad will be served thereafter.

Devotees are requested to be present for the event & seek blessings from Lord Krishna, Vishwajanani & P.P. Tai. Those devotees who cant not attend can light Niranjan and offer their Prayers & Prasad at their convenience.

The  10th Vardhapan days of Vishwajanani Navdurga was celebrated on 7th November & on 30th November 2013 by performing Navchandi Havans at Krishna Kutir, Badlapur & at Krishna Dhyan Mandir, Pune repectively . It was one of the best Havans performed at Pune experiencing lots of energy/vibrations with many devotees  attending.

Attached please find Havan photos captured at Krishna Kutir, Badlapur & at Pune during Poornahuti where Divine images are emerged.


Dear Devotees,

 We are pleased to inform you that 10 years will be completed for installation of Navdurga Idol of 5th Vishwajanani at Krishna Kutir, Badlapur on 7th November 2013. To celebrate 10th Vardhapan day of  Navdurga Devi, the Navchandi Havan will be performed on that day. Devotees are invited in big no. to attend the Event & grace the occasion. Abhisheka with flowers will be offered throughout the day till 8 p.m. Purnahuti will take place around 12.30 p.m. followed by Maha Aaratee & Maha Prasad will be served thereafter.

Those devotees who can not visit Badlapur are requested to light the Niranjan, offer Prasad & Flowers by chanting "Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya" & "Om Mahan Shakti Devataya Namah" at their convinience.

10th Year celebrations will be followed with Navchandi havans at Vishwajanani Temples at Pune on 30th November 2013 & at Ratnagiri on 5th January 2014 which please be noted & make your necessary arrangements to visit the places accordingly.

Attached please find selected 7  Divine Images emerged in Purnahuti of Havans at different Temples for your reference to illustrate that energies from Shakti do come in the form of vibrations/Images & give us blessings as told by P.P. Tai.

Please forward the mail to other Centres & Devotees for their information.

Date :- 28-08-2013

We  celebrated Janmastami on 28th August in the night and on 29th August at Krishna Kutir, Badlapur. Large number. of devotees attended the celebrations on both the days & received the blessings of Lord Krishna, Vishwajanani & P.P. Tai & Mahaprasad.
 We also performed Gita Pathan in big group and Chanted Mantras "Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya" & "Om Mahaan Shakti Devataya  Namah", offered Abhisheka with milk & flowers on the feet of Lord Krishna, Vishwajanani & P.P. Tai.

 Photos of the event shown below.



Date: 14th May 2013


Dear Deevotees,
Please be informed that we have celebrated 10th Vardhapan day of Vishwajanai Navdurga at Vishwajanani Temple at Jogeshwari on 7th May 2013. We performed "Pavman Havan" in Raghavendra Swami Math & offered our Prayers to Vishwajanani Navdurga on that day. Lots of energy was available during the Puja.  below are some  Photos captured during Purnahuti of Havan.


Dear Devotees,
Please be informed that we will be performing "Pavman Havan" to mark the 10th Vardhapan day of Vishwajanani navdurga at Raghavendra Swamy Mutt, Jogeshwari, Mumbai on tuesday 7th May 2013.
 Devotees are requested to light niranjan & offer Prasad & flowers by chanting "Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya" & "Om Mahan Shakti Devataya Namah" at their houses on that day at your convinience.
P.P. Tai has taught us Krishna Bhakti in a simple way without involving money. She has shown us how Lord Krishna accepts our offerings & prasad, if done sicerely with full faith by appearing OMs on Prasad, Varan Bhat,
 Kumkum or any object. Most of us have experienced it. We performed no. of Havans at different Vishwajanani Temples & seen Devi Devatas emerged in the Havan during Purnahuti.
Forwarded please find typical miraculous seven selected images emerged in some of the Havans to be shared with you.
1.Image of  Devi appeared in Navchandi Havan at Pune

2. Lord Krishna with Sudarshan Chakra appeared in Navchandi Havan at Los Angeles.

3. Clear symbol of Om appeared in Havan at Pune

4. Lord Kalki image appeared in Sudarshan Havan at Krishna Kutir

5. Mahabharat Chariot image appeared in Sudashan Havan at Jogeshwari.

6. Lord Shiva with Tandav Nrutya image appeared at Pune.

7. Image like Tai in meditation appeared in Navchandi Havan at Delhi

Krishna Kutir,
Jadhav Colony, Belavali,
Badlapur (West)
Thane- 421 503

Date :- 16th January 2013



Dear Devotees,

This is to inform you that Navchandi Havan was performed to mark the 10th Anniversary celebration of Vishwajanani at Radha Krishna / Vishwajanani temple at New Delhi on 8th February 2013. Hundreds of devotees visited the temple & taken the blessings & Mahaprasad. 20 Devotees from Mumbai including 2 Devotees from Dubai were participated in the Havan Puja. Attached please find photos captured during the Navchandi Havan. A divine image is emerged in one of the photo, as if, P. P. Tai appeared in the Havan. Please increase the font size suitably to see the image very clearly. We find lot of vibrations throughout the Puja in the temple. For your information P. P. Tai had installed Vishwajanani Navdurga Idols at L.A. in U.S.A. & at New Delhi & both the temples became Shaktipeeths.
Similarly a Vishnu Panchayatan Havan was performed at Krishna Kutir, Badlapur on 10th February 2013, being 10th Maha Samadhi day of our beloved P. P. Tai. Much more than thousand devotees paid the visit to Krishna Kutir & received her blessings. Like Navchandi Havan at New Delhi , here also divine images emerged during the Purnahuti of Vishnu Panchayatan Havan, as if, Devi & Lord Krishna appeared. The photos captured are also attached. During the Havan lots of energy was brought down & received by the Devotees with blessings.

We are looking forward for incoming 10th Anniversary celebrations at Jogeshwari- Mumbai, Haldipur, Karnataka, Krishna Kutir-Badlapur & Pune this year & at Ratnagiri & Ranchi during next year. 


The 10th Anniversary of Vishwajanani Navdurga  celebration in the "Maa Durga Temple" at Pasadena, L.A. in U.S.A. on 21st October 2012.
Dear Devotees,
 Durga Havan was performed & many devotees took blessings of  the Goddess. Durga Ashtami Havan was also performed on the next day being Ashtami of Navratri.
Below are some  photos captured of Vishwajanani Navdurga along with Lord Krishna Idol and some Devotees performing Puja in front of Havan Kund & Garba played by devotees in the Temple.. A Divine Personality has appeared in the Havan photo who was sending forth a  Sudarshan Chakra  to abolish corruption & attrocities and evils in the world.
 We will be celebrating 10th Anniversary of Vishwajanani Navdurga on 8th February 2013 at Radha Krishna Temple, New Delhi followed by celebrations in other Vishwajanani Temples.

Shri Ramesh Narkar

Following is a devotional poem written spontaneously by a Krishna Bhakta and Center head Smt Meena Phadlke after viewing the above picture of  havan fire Image



We have celebrated Janmastami & Dahikala at Krishna Kutir, Badlapur in big way. About 1500 Lord Krishna Devotees attended from 9th August evening to 10th August night. A record crowd of about 500 devotees attended at 12 midnight, birth time of Lord Krishna & had blessings. Attached please find photos captured of Bal Krishna in Cradle , Lord Krishna of Krishna Kutir & of Lord Krishna Idol ( Chaturbhuj ) at Narkar residence  & Lord Krishna Idol of my resident, the replica of Lord Krishna at L.A., U.S.A.                                
Shri R.KNarkar



By Ramesh & Rashmi Narkar
We had the opportunity to visit Vishwajanani Temple at Haldipur, Karnataka to perform Puja on behalf of my Aunt Seema (Usha) Charudatta Mishal who is based in  NewYork to mark the marriage of her daughter Aparna in June 2011. As foretold by P.P. Tai she got married to a US born Maharastrian boy from Washington . We carried her Saree before our visit so that we can perform the Puja of Devi with her Saree on. We planned our visit in such a way that we could also visit our Kuldevata Lord Vitthala & Sateri Devi along with Mahalaxmi, Narol in Sinddhudurg followed by Navdurga of Madkai in Goa & subsequently Vishwajanani of Haldipur. During our visit to U.S.A. along with Tai in the year 2002 after installation of Vishwajanani Idol at Temple in Monrovia, L.A. on our visit back to Newyork, Lord Krishna had advised Tai to install 4th Vishwajanani Idol in Karnataka between Honawar & Kumta. Seema immediately had volunteered that she will sponser the Idol. We installed the Idol on 3rd October 2004 at Haldipur. Since then she is very attached to this Temple & paid her visit to the Temple few years back. We performed our Puja of Vishwajanani, Haldipur followed by Kumkum Archana & offered our Ohti to Devi.The photos of Navdurga of Madkai, Vishwajanani Navdurga of Haldipur & Mahalaxmi of Narol, Siddhudurg are shown below.

(Goddess Durga Idol of Madkai,Goa)

(Goddess vishwajanini  idol at Haldipur,Karnataka)

(Vishwajanini Idol in Narol,Sindhudurg)




By Shri R.K.Narkar

The Year 2009 was quite auspicious & lucky for us & it was second turning point to our life pattern, the first being when we met P. P. Tai in the year1974. This year was the year of P. P. Tai’s 75th  birthday.

In the beginning of the year we learnt that P. P. Tai is working with the Saptarishis at higher Plane & on 8th February we visited Taponagar at Bangalore & confirmed the matter from the Maharshi Krishnananda of Manasa Foundation.

29th May 2009 being 75th birthday of P. P. Tai, we celebrated it in a big way at Krishna Kutir, Badlapur & Maha Sudarshan Havan was performed. We were lucky to have an opportunity to perform the Puja along with Pandits. When we offered Otti ( Vatsra, Coconut, Rice grains & Flowers ) to Agni along with Ghee during the Purnahuti, the coconut broke & spray of its water fell on our feet & the saree of my wife became wet. Thus not only we both but all devotees got the blessings from Lord Krishna & P. P. Tai. We captured the photos of Havan during the Purnahuti & in one of the photo an image of Lord Vishnu appeared & in other a Mahapurush sitting on the horse appeared, as if Lord Kalki, the 11th incarnation of Lord Mahavishnu emerged. Recently while reading on spiritual matters I came across that Lord Kalki has already taken the birth in Shambala at Gobi Desert. One with great Sadhana only can visit the place astrally. He is riding on the horse with a sword in hand & will emerge to relinquish corruption, atrocities & all negative activities to begin the New Age / Satya Yuga.

We also had an opportunity to perform Maha Sudarshna Havan at Vishwajanani Temple at Jogeshwari, Mumbai on her Vardhapan day in the Year 2007 & Mahabharat Chariot appeared in the Havan during the Purnahuti.

All the 3 photos are shown below.

After P. P. Tai’s 75th  birthday, on request of some devotees, we visited Taponagar again at Bangalore on 20th June 2009 & joined Retreat Session, where Meditaters were discussing their spiritual experiences. When the subject of P.P. Tai came up for the discussion, we learnt from Maharshi Krishnananda that Tai was a divine lady & could take many forms at a time & after her Mahanirvan, she traveled from Delhi to Bangalore & Bangalore to Delhi in her physical body. She was astrally present during the meeting & gave us a message through Maharshi Krishnananda to “Meditate & Change”, as it is the need of the time. We were lucky again to feel the presence of P. P. Tai & received lots of energy from Taponagara..

(appearnace of mahabharata chariot)



(appearance of Goddess Durga)

Sudarshan Havan


(appearance of Shirdi Sai Baba at a Havan in NJ,USA)

(Vishwashanti Kalash at Badlapur)