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Mumbai based Gandhi family which has settled in Dubai was associated with P.P. Leelatai for more than 30 years. Their daughter Vandana is very avid  devotee of Lord Krishna ,
 Vishwajanani & P.P. Tai and was  involved in Krishna Kutir activities. She got " Emirates Woman award", the first Indian woman to receive the award from the Shaikh. We are proud of her.
Krishna Kutir Family

Vandana Gandhi is Founder & CEO of British Orchard Nursery - Middle East's only ISO-certified Nursery Chain, received the coveted “Emirates Woman Award” for business excellence, making her the first ever Indian woman entrepreneur to receive such an honour for excelling and providing innovation in preschool education. A Masters in Education with distinction, she is currently perusing Doctorate of Education from the University of Birmingham, U.K. After initial schooling in Dubai, she completed her Bachelor's from Mithibai College, Mumbai and thereafter did her Post Graduate Diploma in International Business Administration from NMIMS University, Mumbai. Amongst several hundred entries she was chosen to be the "Overall Winner in Business Category".

"It is a very special honour and I feel proud to be part of this great initiative by the Dubai Government. It certainly motivates and encourages women from different walks of life to excel in their respective fields. Even though am an expatriate, have always felt very welcomed here and the government does provide excellent opportunities for business growth and innovation. I am also thankful to all my staff at British Orchard Nursery who have helped made this accomplishment possible."," said Vandana Gandhi
"We are the first nursery chain to be ISO 9001:2008 quality certified. Having 10 facilities across UAE, we now plan to expand into GCC and India," Gandhi added.
Dubai Quality Group organised the awards, which honour local and expatriate business achievers from diverse fields. Dubai Quality Group initiated the Emirates Woman Awards in 2003 to encourage women, both UAE nationals and residents, to be actively involved in social and economic development initiatives in the country. The award has two main categories-business owners and professionals.

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Light Channels Meet on 7th May 2012

Guruji Krishnananda delivering message from Masters at the event held at Chowdiah Memorial Hall, Bangalore.

Many unseen Masters in the Astral Worlds are monitoring the Life on this earth. Many lived here in earlier times. They carry great Love for all of us. They are aware that we will be going through great changes beginning from the end of this year, 2012. We will be entering a new Time-Frame. They want to help us to understand the processes and sail through this phase of great changes.

These Masters are passing on a lot of knowledge and energies through various channels. I am one of them. I am a channel for The Sapta Rishis, the seven sages, also known as The Hierarchy. My Guru, Maharshi Amara (1919-1982) works with them very closely.

I carry the following simple message from them meant for all the citizens of this earth. One is free to take this seriously or laugh it off. Everyone has Free Will. My job is that of a messenger.

We are aware of certain major events like our complete entry into the Photon Belt, Galactic Alignment, Pole Shifts, the earth standing still for three days etc., occurring at the end of this year. It is feared that these may cause disruption of communications and other systems, and a lot of destruction. The Rishis (Light Masters) ask us not to feel scared. Such events have occurred earlier and we have sailed through. We can easily prepare ourselves for this, and they help us. We are not alone.

Some are preparing to save themselves at this physical level by building underground facilities. But this will not help. We have to prepare ourselves at a different level, the Spiritual level.

Let us quickly and thoroughly understand that Spirituality is being good, being honest and living in harmony with others and nature. Let us also understand clearly that because we are entering the New Age or Light Age, the purity levels of our thinking and living have to be very high. Our old ways have to change. All the corrupt systems that we see around have to change. If they do not change, they collapse. It is this collapse that causes chaos and upheavals. Nature also initiates cleansing processes and causes destruction.

Smooth transition into the Light Age is possible without any chaos and destruction if we transform spiritually, cleanse the systems of corruption and live a value system. It is difficult to believe this simple reality. But the Rishis who have witnessed Transition in earlier cycles say that this is as simple as said. They are aware of Higher Intelligences, Higher systems and Higher Life. When the present corrupt systems collapse, they are capable of replacing them with higher systems immediately so that we survive and live in a world of unbelievable possibilities. They can activate our faculties to communicate telepathically when the communication systems collapse. They may help us to live on Prana, the vital energy from Sun, when food may not be available. There are endless ways of higher living in the Light Age.

At this point of time, we have to understand the urgency and necessity of Spiritual Transformation and begin the preparation. Because we are already in advanced Transition period, we need not practise the old ways of Meditation to help Transformation. We can practise the most advanced technique of experiencing the Light.

The Light that I am speaking of is not the physical light. It is the Divine Light of the subtlest frequency from which all this creation has emerged. This Light has creative intelligence, purifies, heals and helps us in every way. This Light is God Himself. This Light is everywhere. Anyone can access this. The Rishis, The Masters in the Astral planes, have known this from times immemorial and have taught earlier civilisations how to seek benefits from the Light.

The Rishis say clearly: Experience this Light in every cell of your system of body, mind and intellect. It purifies, opens up our hidden faculties, helps establish contact with the outer Intelligences and Masters and, most importantly, at this point of time, helps us to sail through the great changes of 2012.

This Light can be channelled and spread around. Its vibrations impact the individuals and the systems. Corruption vanishes. Violence recedes. Love and Oneness prevail. The New Age of Peace and Perfection gets established. This has happened earlier and will happen even now.

This is no ordinary Revolution. It is the greatest silent Revolution ever built by ordinary people like us. Here, there are no leaders, no preachings and no politics. And there are no debates, candle light vigils or protests. Anyone and everyone can join this from the corner of one's room and make a difference.

I personally invite you to participate in this revolution. The technique is very simple. (Watch video below) Sit quietly. Close your eyes. Imagine an ocean of Light above you. Imagine the Light enters you and spreads around. First, fill up your system of body, mind and intellect and experience the Light. Then, fill up your room, house and locality. You can also intend that the Light brings Purity, Peace and Perfection. Then, spread the Light to the whole world. Send the Light more to the places where there is turmoil.
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Courtesy of Shri Ramesh Narkar (Mumbai) & Shri Abhi Kanitkar (New Jersey)



An Ungorgettable experience (By Shri R.K.Narkar)


A lord Krishna Devotee gave me to read a book by name “Doorways to Light” written by Maharshi Krishnananda Guruji, on the life of his Guru Maharshi Amara.

When I went through the book I could sense that the mission of Parampoojya Leelatai has some relation with Krishnananda Guruji. I further learnt from a Lord Krishna Devotee of Pune that during the felicitation ceremony of Krishnanada Guruji at Pune, he had said that a very meritorious Atma ( Lady ) had come to Taponagara at Bangalore from Mumbai/Delhi and that she is engaged in the mission of Saptarishis. A Meditation Centre of Krishnananda Guruji by name “Manasa Foundation” is situated in a village called Chikkagubbi near Bangalore. Work of the spiritual field of high level is being researched there. Krishnananda Guruji is engaged in continuing this work of his Guru Maharshi Amara Guruji.

I had received two ‘Flying Return Statements” from Air India/Indian Airlines (shown below), confirming the air travel by Parampoojya Leelatai , on 4th June 2003 after her demise on 10th February 2003 from Delhi to Bangalore and also on 31st May 2005, she having travelled from Bangalore to Delhi.

Therefore we felt that P.P. Tai has some association with Bangalore. We five Krishna devotees including myself paid a visit to Taponagara at Bangalore on 8th February 2009 and met Krishnananda Guruji.

We introduced ourselves as Krishna devotees and told him that we were there to enquire about our Guru. We showed him the “Flying Return Statements” of Parampoojya Tai regarding her travel from Delhi to Bangalore and Bangalore to Delhi after her demise. We also told him that we have read his book “Doorways to Light”. We gave him a brief account of the mission of Krishna Karya of P.P. Tai and besides gave him the English version of “Shri Krishna Leelavali”.

Guruji clarified to us that Tai in her subtle body is engaged along with the Saptarishis in Taponagara and is accumulating ( Channelizing ) great spiritual power. Then Tai gave us ( through Krishnananda Guruji ) a message saying, now onwards we should not spend more time on Pooja, recitations etc. and suggested that we should remain confined to “Meditation” in order to derive happiness in the thought of existence of ParaBrahma.

We visited Taponagara at Bangalore again during 19 to 21st June 2009 along with some Krishna devotees. We were happy to participate in the new programme called “Retreat” which was to commence from 20th June 2009 and continue on every Saturday of the month.

(krishnananda swami with sapta rishis)

The followers assembled at Antarmanasa/Tapovana, were detailing their spiritual experiences of higher spiritual state. Guruji was explaining to them their significance by proper interpretation. We, totaling 11 Krishna devotees enjoyed the discussions.

Lastly, one of our Krishna devotees hailing from Jamshedpur told me to ask Guruji information regarding Parampoojya Tai. Guruji agreed to our request. I told Guruji again, as to why we have come to Taponagara ie. in search of our beloved Guru besides, about the Delhi-Bangalore and Bangalore-Delhi Air flight of Tai, even after her demise. We told him that we read his book on “Doorways to Light”. We requested him to shed more light on the words of Guruji,  spoken by him during the felicitation at Pune.

Thereupon Guruji said that Parampoojya Tai was a Divine Lady. She had imbibed, by her very birth, great spiritual power. He explained that she is engaged in the mission work of Saptarishis at Taponagara in her subtle body. She can travel anywhere because of her great spiritual power. She traveled from Delhi to Bangalore and Bangalore to Delhi in physical body.

In this “Retreat” session many great Rishis were present and also Parampoojya Tai, occasionally. Tai gave all Krishna devotees an important message through Guruji. Her message was: Now onwards Krishna devotees need not spend more time in offering of Flowers, Pooja, Archana etc. They should, daily, to the extent possible, perform Meditation regularly.

Performing Meditation is to sit quietly closing one’s eyes, and chanting “OM NAMO BHAGAWATE VASUDEVAYA” mentally and imagining the presence of white light   in front, receiving it in faith. Guruji said that the mantra given by Lord Krishna is very powerful. Thereupon I asked Guruji whether Krishna Devotees will believe and trust this message as from Parampoojya Tai? To this Guruji stated that it is the message of Tai, and I have been entrusted to reach it to all Krishna Devotees. We need not bother as to what others say but follow Tai’s instructions implicitly.we bought a cosmic tower from that place and within few days we saw a Om symbol manifest on it confirming guruji's words and divine presence.

Cosmic Tower

“The message given to me through Guruji and as recorded by one of his followers is given below as it is:

  1. I went to Taponagara. Met Guruji Krishnananda. I received the message from Tai through Guruji Krishnananda. Tai was present for some time during the “Retreat” at Tapovana. She wanted to pass on the message.
  2. Her message: Meditate and change.
  3. Technique for Meditation:Mantra: as given by Tai and imagine white light.
  1. She has lot of work undone during her lifetime on this earth. She is working now from a different level. She will take birth again. Gather people and further pass on instructions. She is alive at a different level. She is observing, monitoring everything and everyone. All problems of the devotees are taken care of.”

I therefore suggest on the occasion of Gurupournima that all devotees as per their convenience and time, daily sit for Meditation regularly. This will automatically mitigate all their difficulties. However devotees are advised to offer 7 flowers of different colours & 11 full rice grains to Lord Krishna daily & 2 blue flowers, if the devotee faces the problem, besides attending the nearest Shree Krishna Centre regularly.

We feel the presence of Parampoojya Tai from time to time.

Let us trust that this feeling will continue.



7th July 2009                                                                                Ramesh K. Narkar

                                                                                                   Lord Krishna Devotee      




According to PP Leela Tai ,the appearance of AUM on any object is just a sign from God Almighty of his divine presence in that vicinity ,however this should not be equated as a miracle.
One should continue his daily practices with discipline and humility even after such symbols occur.Following are some pictures of these appearances

(Appearance of OM on PP Leela Tai's picture at Shailesh & Deepti Karkhanis residence in NJ,USA on Dec 22nd 2011)

(Pictures of OM appearance at the Kanitkar residence a day before hurrican Irene in NJ ,the symbol has since remained )

(Appearance of OM on carpet)

Om on Lord Krishna's forehead in the picture

Om on Pedha

Om on Lord Krishna's idol forehead.

Om on Bhakari

Om on Fruit Punch

Om on Puja Offering